Achimov, Donna, Chief Executive Officer, Translation Bureau

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2011-08-26 Parking - Meeting with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans2011-08-266.00 $6.00
2011-08-25 Parking - Meeting with the Assistant Commissioner of Correctional Service Canada2011-08-2521.00 $15.00
2011-08-12 Parking - Consultation on Assistant Deputy Minister Collective management2011-08-1224.00 $3.00
2011-07-07 Parking - Meeting with Lead, External Services of the Privy Council Office2011-07-0728.50 $4.50
2011-07-06 Parking - Meeting with the Assistant Secretary, Strategic Communications & Ministerial Affairs of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat2011-07-0630.75 $2.25
2011-06-30 Parking - Labour relations - Appearance before the court2011-06-3050.75 $20.00
2011-06-22 Parking - Meet Senior Management and Department Groups2011-06-2260.75 $10.00
2011-06-17 Parking - National Public Service Week event at Tremblay building2011-06-1772.75 $12.00
2011-06-17 Parking - National Public Service Week event at Vanguard building2011-06-1781.75 $9.00
2011-06-17 Parking - Public Services Relations Board hearings with Senior General Counsel of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada2011-06-1790.75 $9.00
2011-06-08 Parking - Office of the Chief Risk Officer info session2011-06-0897.75 $7.00
2011-06-06 Parking - Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada Symposium2011-06-06113.75 $16.00
TOTAL $113.75

Hospitality Expenses

List of hospitality expenses, which includes the date, event description and total cost
Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
2011-06-14 Business breakfast - Meeting to discuss opportunities for further collaboration;2011-06-14;$31.08 $31.08
TOTAL $31.08