Fortin, Brigitte, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Accounting, Banking and Compensation

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2011-10-18 To give a presentation on Pay and Pension transformation at the Quebec Federal Council2011-10-18253.09 $253.09
2011-10-05 Cancelled trip - Airfare cost was reimbursed to the Department 2011-10-05293.91 $40.82
2011-09-22 Meeting with the Regional Director General on Pay Services Project Workforce Transition Tools2011-09-22495.96 $202.05
TOTAL $495.96

Hospitality Expenses

List of hospitality expenses, which includes the date, event description and total cost
Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
2011-10-27 Senior Project Advisory Committee meeting - Refreshments;2011-10-27;$60.37 $60.37
TOTAL $60.37