Paquet, Sarah, Acting Assistant Deputy Minister, Integrated Services Branch

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2012-02-23 Taxi - Minister's Office Monthly Update/Discussion on Government Consulting Services with Finance Management/Services Standards meeting2012-02-2319.00 $19.00
2012-02-17 Parking - Human Resources Issues meeting/National Work Force Adjustment Committee meeting2012-02-1733.00 $14.00
2012-02-08 Parking - Deputy Minister Executive Debrief/Meeting for Briefing Note - Finance Office/Strategic Resourcing Committee meeting/Steering Committee for Client Contacts meeting/Proposed approach for the Client Service Strategy for Small Departments and Agencies meeting2012-02-0847.00 $14.00
2012-02-06 Meeting with the management team of the Montreal Office2012-02-06225.62 $178.62
2012-01-30 Parking - Client Service Strategy for Small Departments and Agencies meeting/Web Governance Committee meeting/Deputy Minister Executive Debrief/Meeting with the Acting Chief Administrative Officer of Parks Canada2012-01-30239.62 $14.00
2012-01-27 Parking - Integrated Services Branch Executive Extended Management Meeting2012-01-27251.62 $12.00
2012-01-25 Parking - On-Boarding and Orientation Program meeting/Integrated Services Branch Salary Ceiling meeting/Deputy Minister Executive Debrief/Meeting to Review the Dispute Resolution Function2012-01-25265.62 $14.00
2012-01-19 Parking - Government Services Union National Labour-Management Seminar2012-01-19287.62 $22.00
2011-12-16 Parking - Reception for all National Capital Area employees to celebrate the Holiday Season2011-12-16299.62 $12.00
2011-12-07 Parking - Deputy Minister Executive Debrief2011-12-07308.62 $9.00
2011-12-06 Parking - National Health & Safety Policy Committee meeting2011-12-06320.62 $12.00
TOTAL $320.62

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses reported to date