Treusch, Andrew, Associate Deputy Minister

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2012-08-28 to 2012-08-31 Pacific Regional Visit and Co-chair the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Deputy Heads of Public Works Annual meeting in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory2012-08-28 to 2012-08-311980.56 $1,980.56
2012-08-17 to 2012-08-22 Institute of Public Administration of Canada Meetings and Conference2012-08-17 to 2012-08-224211.09 $2,230.53
2012-07-10 Parking - Deputy Minister University Champions Program meeting2012-07-104214.84 $3.75
2012-06-22 Parking - Public Service Management Advisory Committee meeting2012-06-224230.84 $16.00
2012-06-08 Parking - Interview board member of the Canada Revenue Agency2012-06-084252.84 $22.00
TOTAL $4,252.84

Hospitality Expenses

List of hospitality expenses, which includes the date, event description and total cost
Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
2012-06-20 Deputy Ministers' Retreat;2012-06-20;$74.35 $74.35
TOTAL $74.35