McBain, John, Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property Branch

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2012-08-29 to 2012-09-01 To attend the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Deputy Heads of Public Works Annual meeting2012-08-29 to 2012-09-011872.38 $1,872.38
2012-08-20 to 2012-08-23 Institute of Public Administration of Canada Conference2012-08-20 to 2012-08-236223.47 $4,351.09
2012-07-02 to 2012-07-04 Ministerial Round table and Regional Director General Town Hall2012-07-02 to 2012-07-0413038.76 $6,815.29
2012-06-20 to 2012-06-22 Visit First Nations and meetings with National Defence2012-06-20 to 2012-06-2219365.68 $6,326.92
TOTAL $19,365.68

Hospitality Expenses

List of hospitality expenses, which includes the date, event description and total cost
Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
2012-07-11 to 2012-07-12 Real Property Management Committee meeting - Business lunch and refreshments;2012-07-11 to 2012-07-12;$565.92 $565.92
2012-06-13 National Public Service Week event for the Real Property Branch;2012-06-13;$806.27 $806.27
2012-06-06 to 2012-06-07 Real Property Management Committee meeting - Refreshments;2012-06-06 to 2012-06-07;$225.99 $225.99
TOTAL $1,598.18