Paquet, Sarah, Assistant Deputy Minister, Integrated Services Branch

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2013-08-26 Parking - Discussion: Replacement of the Receiver General's Systems2013-08-2615.00 $15.00
2013-07-25 Parking - Introduction meeting with the Assistant Deputy Minister of Policy, Planning and Communication Branch and for the Service Delivery Committee2013-07-2529.00 $14.00
2013-07-16 Parking - Meeting with the Minister2013-07-1643.00 $14.00
2013-07-08 Parking - Human Resources Modernization Meeting2013-07-0848.00 $5.00
2013-06-13 Parking - Executive Committee Meeting2013-06-1363.00 $15.00
2013-06-12 Parking - Enabling Services Renewal Program Committee2013-06-1268.00 $5.00
TOTAL $68.00

Hospitality Expenses

List of hospitality expenses, which includes the date, event description and total cost
Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
2013-06-13 National Public Service Week event for the Integrated Services Branch;2013-06-13;$371.98 $371.98
TOTAL $371.98