Carroll-Dee, Amy, Special Assistant, Regional Affairs - Ontario, Ministerís Office

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2017-11-17 To attend a meeting2017-11-1727.75 $27.75
2017-11-14 To attend an announcement with a minister2017-11-14102.12 $74.37
2017-10-27 To attend meetings2017-10-27127.10 $24.98
2017-10-04 To attend meetings2017-10-04159.29 $32.19
2017-09-29 To provide support for a site visit2017-09-29167.61 $8.32
2017-09-26 to 2017-09-28 To attend a retreat of the minister’s regional offices2017-09-26 to 2017-09-281481.52 $1,313.91
2017-09-18 To attend a meeting with key stakeholders2017-09-181486.57 $5.05
2017-09-15 To provide support to the Prime Minister during an event2017-09-151491.59 $5.02
TOTAL $1,491.59

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses reported to date