Information bulletin: transactions below $10,000

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Effective date

This information bulletin is effective April 4, 2016.


The Ineligibility and Suspension Policy enables Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to issue information bulletins associated with the policy to provide greater clarity for informational purposes only.

Exclusion of transactions below $10,000

The Ineligibility and Suspension Policy excludes goods, services and construction contracts, subcontracts and real property agreements with a transaction value below $10,000.

Contracting Authorities are not required to perform an integrity verification for contracts or real property agreements below $10,000. Suppliers are not required to perform integrity verifications for subcontracts below $10,000.

Transaction value defined

The Ineligibility and Suspension Policy defines transaction value as:

The actual value of a contract, subcontract or real property agreement or, when unestablished, the maximum potential value of a contract, subcontract or real property agreement or of all contracts to be issued under a standing offer or supply arrangement, as estimated by Canada.

Transaction value is stated in Canadian currency, or the equivalent value of the currency of a country other than Canada, and includes all options and applicable taxes.

Transaction value is used for purposes only of determining application of the policy and does not imply that monies will be spent beyond a firm contractual commitment or that any option will be exercised.  Where a Financial Limitation clause is used, the transaction value is that value.

Objective of exclusion

This risk-based approach to exclude low risk, low dollar value transactions will reduce administrative burden while improving the ability to monitor compliance by targeting higher risk, higher value contracts.

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