Infographic: West Block project

This infographic provides information on the project to restore and modernize the West Block and build phase 1 of the new Visitor Welcome Centre. Construction started in January 2011. Public Services and Procurement Canada worked hand in hand with the House of Commons and the Library of Parliament to create a safer, greener and more accessible state-of the-art facility to serve as home to the House of Commons while much-needed work on the Centre Block is undertaken. The House of Commons will begin sitting in the West Block in January 2019.

Infographic: West Block project. Full text description provided below.

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West Block project

  • 158 million kg of bedrock excavated to build underground levels
  • 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of rock removed
  • 2.3 million kg of new structural steel added to the building
  • 1.4 million new bricks were laid
  • 50% more usable space created by infilling the courtyard

Adding a glass roof

  • 7 km of steel beams used for the glass roof
  • 4,600 m2 of glass installed, about the size of a football field

Creating jobs

  • About 5,000 jobs created or sustained
  • More than 6 million hours of labour logged
  • Average of 500 workers on site each day
  • 1,200 workers on site at peak periods

The following companies contributed to the project:

  • Architecture 49/EVOQ in joint venture
  • PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
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