Update #14: West Block—Government lobby

Transcript - Update #14: West Block—Government lobby

Start of video.

(Light instrumental music is played in the background throughout the video.)

(Title screen shows title in the middle of screen, a yellow box runs around the text. At the bottom of the screen, a line drawing of the Parliament skyline runs from left to right.)

Text on screen: Government Lobby West Block Daily Update 14.

(Pans left to right showing lobby room. The walls are clad in brown wood panels, A dust filter and garbage bin are located in the center of the space. Three large grey steel columns, partially covered in plywood, are seen on the right side of the room.)

(Close up pan of ceiling. A large grey steel columns penetrates the drywall ceiling. The opening in the ceiling is cut to match the irregular shape of the column. Two pot lights are visible.)

(Close up pan of wood panel on wall. The panel is perforated with many irregular vertical lines.)

(Pans floor to ceiling showing many wooden wall panels. Three pot lights are visible in the ceiling.)

(Public Services and Procurement Canada Wordmark.)

(Music stops.)

(Canada Wordmark.)

End of video.

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