Update #26: Government Conference Centre—East Addition

Transcript - Update #26: Government Conference Centre—East Addition

Start of video.

(Light instrumental music is played in the background throughout the video.)

(Title screen shows title in the middle of screen, a yellow box runs around the text. At the bottom of the screen, a line drawing of the Parliament skyline runs from left to right.)

Text on screen: East Addition Government Conference Centre Update 26.

(Tilt down to up showing the east exterior side of the building. Workers are using a very large blue lift to work on the exterior upper floors of the building. The lower floors of the building are clad in stone. The upper floors are clad in glass. Scaffolding is seen to the left and right of the building.)

(Pans left to right showing the interior of the addition Floor to ceiling windows offer a view of downtown Ottawa buildings. At the end of the pan the camera zooms towards a door that leads to a stairwell. A yellow construction cart is partially seen to the left of the frame.)

(Pans right to left in stairwell. The wall to the left is brick that is covered in old white paint. The other walls of the stairwell are windows. Many railings are visible. They are made from grey metal.)

(Pans left to right showing a closer view through the windows. Buildings and moving traffic are visible.)

(Time lapse shot of traffic and pedestrians moving along the city street. The camera slowly zooms towards a busy intersection.)

(Public Services and Procurement Canada Wordmark.)

(Music stops.)

(Canada Wordmark.)

End of video.

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