Weekly Update #2: Government Conference Centre

Transcript - Weekly Update #2: Government Conference Centre

Start of video.

(Instrumental music is played in the background throughout the video.)

(Title screen shows title in the middle of screen, a burgundy coloured box runs around the text. At the bottom of the screen, a line drawing of the Parliament skyline runs from left to right.)

Text on screen: Government Conference Centre. Weekly Update 02

(Graphic animated flyover of the Government Conference Centre.)

(Horizontal pan from ceiling of the General Waiting Room.)

Text on screen: General Waiting Room Salle d'attente générale.

(Very wide angle tilt down from rosettes on the ceiling to stairs leading to tunnel. Large arched windows and columns are visible. Rideau Street Lobby is visible in the background.)

(Tight view of completed plaster pillar and arched window.)

(Wide view of the General Waiting Room. Construction material is seen on the floor surfaces.)

(Close up and tilt down from window to columns in General Waiting Room. Rideau Street Lobby is seen in the background.)

(Left to right movement showcasing ornate finished ceiling of Rideau Street Lobby. Construction material is located to the left of the frame on a shelf. Two workers are seen in the centre of the frame. The General Waiting Room is seen in the background.)

Text on screen: Rideau Street Lobby Vestibule de la Rue Rideau.

(Pan from ceiling to welder with torch working on a steel structure.)

(Wide view of Rideau Street Lobby. A wooden crate is seen in the foreground. Construction material is seen centre right. A steel structure and the Rideau Street entrance doors are seen in the background.)

(Dolly in wide shot of the Senate Chamber with view of ceiling and scaffolding.)

Text on screen: Senate Chamber Chambre du Sénat.

(Pan of detailed plaster and molding of Senate chamber ceiling.)

(Close up detail of ceiling window glazing and decorative cross pieces.)

(Tilt down from ceiling to Senate foyer floor.)

Text on screen: Senate Foyer Foyer du Sénat.

(Close up of worker painting faux stonework.)

(Tilt down from ceiling to floor. Worker painting faux stonework seen at bottom of frame.)

(Wide angle time lapse images of unidentified workers in Senate foyer.)

(Pan left to right of Committee Room 2. Construction light and work platform seen in foreground. Scaffold platform and wooden crates seen in background.)

Text on screen Committee Room 2 Salle de comité 2.

(Tilt up from red wall panels to workers standing behind scaffold tower in background.)

(Wide angle time lapse photography of workers in Committee Room 2.)

(Dolly shot tacking back from formal space to large room with fireplace.)

Text on screen: Formal Meeting Space Espace de reunion formel.

(Dolly out shot from window overlooking Rideau and Wellington Streets. Two workers are seen on a lift outside of the window.)

Text on screen: East Addition Addition Est

(Dolly in to a completed office. Two rooms are visible. The both have large wooden windows.)

Text on screen: Parliamentary Office Bureau Parlementaire.

(Public Services and Procurement Canada Wordmark.)

(Music stops.)

(Canada Wordmark.)

End of video.

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