Update #42: Government Conference Centre—Committee Room 3

Transcript—Update #42: Government Conference Centre—Committee Room 3

Start of video.

(Light instrumental music is played in the background throughout the video.)

(Title screen shows title in the middle of screen, a yellow box runs around the text. At the bottom of the screen, a line drawing of the Parliament skyline runs from left to right.)

Text on screen: Committee Room 3 West Block Daily Update 42.

(Pan right to left showing entire size and layout of committee room 3. The room has furniture covered with moving blankets grey patterned carpet on the floor. There are ladders in the room and some construction materials to complete the room. At one end of the room there are glass windows which are installed for the translation booth for the room. The room has a couple of pieces of acoustic panelling that is not on the wall as there is work being completed.)

(Tilt down to up showing entire room and focusing on the ceiling and the lights. Lights are inset into the ceiling and are controlled to provide enough lighting for broadcast. Lighting is rectangular in shape and in set in the ceiling on 45 degree angles.)

(Pan left to right inside of committee room three. The camera shows a view of the finished acoustic wall in red and finished ceiling.)

(Public Services and Procurement Canada Wordmark.)

(Music stops.)

(Canada Wordmark.)

End of video.

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