Weekly update #7: West Block 4

Transcript - Weekly update #7: West Block 4

Start of video

(Instrumental music is played in the background throughout the video)

(Title screen shows title in the middle of screen, a burgundy box runs around the text. At the bottom of the screen, a line drawing of the Parliament skyline runs from left to right.)

Text on screen: West Block Weekly Update 07

Text on Screen: Plaza

(Time lapse photography of exterior construction work at Visitor Welcome Centre Plaza)

(Construction workers completing stone pathway)

(Tilt down from Centre Block to Plaza entrance)

(Right to left pan of West Block East entrance)

Text on screen: East Entrance/Entrée Est

(Tilt down from ornate stonework and coat of arms)

(Dolly in to floor to ceiling wide shot of Visitors Welcome Centre)

Text on screen: Visitor Welcome Centre

(Dolly shot of walkway revealing large domed ceiling lights)

(Right to left pan of interior stonework to House of Commons antechamber revealing wooden lattice paneling)

Text on screen: Antechamber

(Dolly in shot into finished elevator with decorative paneling)

(Tilt up from floor to ceiling of Prime Minister’s office revealing dark wooden ceiling)

Text on screen: Prime Minister’s Office)

(Zoom into to marble fireplace with decorative metal trim)

(Time lapse photography of work being completed in committee room)

Text on screen: Committee Room 4

(Workers cleaning carpet in Cabinet Room)

Text of screen: Cabinet Room

(Wide shot tilt down of glass roof to floor of the House of Commons showing wooden desks)

Text on screen: House of Commons

(Music fades)

Text on screen: Public Services and Procurement Canada

(Canada Wordmark)

End of video

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