Block 2 design and construction

Block 2 is the city block directly facing Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa. It is bounded by Metcalfe, Wellington, O’Connor and Sparks streets.

The Block 2 architectural design competition was launched in spring 2021. In May 2022, Zeidler Architecture Inc. (Toronto, Canada), in association with David Chipperfield Architects (London, United Kingdom), was selected as the winning team in the design competition.

Block 2 redevelopment project

Find out about the next steps now that the competition is closed.

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Project overview

Ottawa, Ontario
Type of project
Design and construction
Architectural firm
Zeidler Architecture Inc., in association with David Chipperfield Architects
Approved budget
While bidders were provided with a global construction value to ensure a level playing field among competitors, a project cost estimate has not been established yet.
Project status
Design competition complete. Design contract negotiations are underway. Contract award is expected in the fall of 2022.
Next steps
Construction management services contract: expected by 2024
Estimated project completion date
2030 or 2031

Project description

Our goal is to transform the block into an innovative complex that will meet the needs of Parliament and the public.

The redesigned block will provide office space for the Senate and the House of Commons and space for the Library of Parliament. It will also include renovated retail space.

About the design competition


We are finalizing negotiations for the design contract. In addition, we are finding out details about Parliament’s functional requirements. We will use these details to create a baseline project budget.

The construction estimate provided to bidders in the Request for Proposals is only a portion of a project cost estimate. The complete project cost estimate will be formed by a construction estimate based on a detailed scope, including final parliamentary requirements, and other significant cost items, such as:

  • the design contract
  • all other professional fees
  • design and construction contingencies
  • information technology
  • escalation and risk

Benefit to Canadians

The overall project is estimated to help create or sustain thousands of jobs in architectural design, engineering and construction.

Project background

The design selected for Block 2 was chosen through an architectural design competition.

Latest news about this project

Government of Canada names winner in Block 2 architectural design competition

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