Architectural design competition for Block 2

Coming soon: an architectural design competition to renew the city block across from Parliament Hill.

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Block 2 description

Block 2 is the city block immediately south of Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa. It faces the Centre Block and its Peace Tower to the north. It is the threshold between the city-owned and Crown-owned lands. The block is bounded by Metcalfe, Wellington, O’Connor and Sparks streets.

View enlarged image of the view from the Centre Block’s iconic Peace Tower showing Block 2 highlighted in colour.

A view from the Centre Block’s iconic Peace Tower showing Block 2. (Click the image to view enlarged version.)

The design competition

Our goal is to transform this mix of aging buildings into an efficient and innovative complex that will meet the needs of a modern Parliament as well as the public.

The redesigned block will provide office space for the Senate and the House of Commons. It will also allow for the future consolidation of parliamentary accommodations, including space for the Library of Parliament, into Crown-owned assets. It will include space for a branch of the Library of Parliament. It will also include renovated retail space on the Sparks Street Mall.

Through an architectural design competition, we will invite architectural firms to submit design proposals. An independent and professional jury will recommend the winning design and team.

The winning design is expected to be of the highest caliber and will complement the image of Canada and its capital on the world stage.

Why a design competition

Architectural design competitions support variety and are among the most effective ways to achieve excellence in building design and architecture. They are often used to generate innovative new ideas. Canada’s original Parliament Buildings were the result of a design competition in 1859. Competitions have produced many culturally significant buildings in Canada and around the globe, such as:

How the competition will work

Professional advisors designated by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) will oversee the overall competition process.

The competition will be done in 2 phases.

Phase 1: Request for Qualification

Phase 2: Architectural design competition: Request for Proposals

Phase 2 will take place in 2 stages.

Competition stage 1

Competition stage 2

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