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About the East Block project

The East Block is the most intact of Parliament Hill's heritage buildings. It is also one of the world's finest examples of High Victorian Gothic architecture. The Government of Canada built the East Block in two major campaign periods. The first portion was completed in 1865, but is referred to as the 1867 Wing. A second wing was added in 1910. We last performed major work on the 1867 Wing in the 1970s. The East Block is now in need of restoration and modernization.

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The Government of Canada is restoring and modernizing Parliament Hill's East Block. We will do this in two phases.

A masonry stone building with copper roofs.

Phase 1: Exterior work

The interior of the East Block is in good condition. However, portions of the exterior require an overhaul from foundation to roof.

The first phase of the project focuses on restoring and repairing the exterior of the 1867 wing. The exterior is showing signs of deterioration, such as:

The first phase of the project includes masonry repairs to the areas of greatest concern within the 1867 Wing. This includes urgent repairs to the:

During Phase 1, we will:

The first phase began in 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in 2022. We are continuing with assessing the building's condition and identifying what work needs to be done. This allows us to plan for Phase 2, which will include the full restoration and modernization of the building.


A stone carving of a unicorn on the exterior of a building. The unicorn's horn is worn away.
A wooden door flanked by leaded windows.
A stone wall. Some stones have been removed, and some stones are marked with an "x".
A photo taken from inside scaffolding shows a stone wall blackened with soot.
Old wooden window frames leaning against scaffolding.
A photo taken from inside scaffolding shows the top section of a masonry tower.

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Scope of Phase 1

Here's a snapshot of the exterior work that is underway to rehabilitate the East Block (Phase 1):

Phase 2: Full rehabilitation of the East Block

The second phase of the project will address the work left to complete after Phase 1. We are assessing options for the full rehabilitation of the East Block. The project for Phase 2 includes:

The building will be vacated during Phase 2. We have not yet established the budget nor awarded the contracts.

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