The Long Term Vision and Plan—Annual Report 2016 to 2017

About this report

The Long Term Vision and Plan Annual Report for the fiscal year 2016 to 2017 celebrates the significant work that has been undertaken and the major milestones that have been achieved in advancing the Long Term Vision and Plan (LTVP).

Developed as a long-term strategy to address health and safety, guide future modernization in the Parliamentary Precinct, and address security concerns, the LTVP is reviewed and updated regularly and is supported by a comprehensive implementation framework.

This annual report highlights overall progress, outlines project accomplishments, and provides a full account of how the funds invested in the LTVP have been spent, thereby demonstrating how this investment continues to provide results for Canadians. It includes only those projects in the current 5-year program of work (fiscal years 2013 to 2018) that are approved and funded by the Treasury Board.

The Long Term Vision and Plan section of this annual report explains what the LTVP is and how it is delivered.

The year in review section outlines LTVP outcomes in the fiscal year, demonstrates the performance of each LTVP component, and highlights the progress of individual projects.

The results for Canadians section illustrates the benefits that the LTVP delivers for Canadians in the National Capital Region and across the country.

The financial reporting section provides financial analyses on program and project expenditures for the fiscal year.

The LTVP Annual Report is a component of the Government of Canada’s commitment to openness, transparency, and accountability. It is posted on the department’s website to reduce paper consumption and to give Canadians the opportunity to follow the progress of the LTVP and learn about the important work being undertaken to restore Canada’s iconic Parliament Buildings.

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