Projects in the Parliamentary Precinct

Projects to restore, renew and modernize the Parliamentary Precinct.

Current Projects

The Centre Block

Parliament Hill’s Centre Block building is closed for a major renovation project. It is the largest heritage restoration ever undertaken in Canada.

The Parliament Welcome Centre
(Phase 1 known as the Visitor Welcome Centre)

Learn about the new Centre and how it will be expanded as part of the Centre Block project.

The East Block

Learn about the project to restore and modernize Parliament Hill’s East Block.

Block 2 redevelopment project

A design competition will help transform the city block directly facing Parliament Hill.

The grounds of Parliament Hill

Learn about recent improvements and the construction projects currently underway.

Completed projects

The Senate of Canada Building
(formerly the Government Conference Centre)

We restored and modernized Ottawa’s former central train station to serve as a temporary home for the Senate.

The West Block

We renovated Parliament Hill’s West Block to create an interim home for the House of Commons.

The Wellington Building

Completed in 2016, the Wellington Building is used for parliamentary offices and meeting spaces.

The Sir John A. Macdonald Building

Completed in 2015, this building is now the permanent home for large parliamentary meetings and functions.

The Library of Parliament

Completely restored between 2002 and 2006, the Main Library remains closed while Centre Block is being renovated. The Library of Parliament’s branch at 125 Sparks Street is serving as the interim Main Library.

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