Agent of the Attorney General for the Recovery of Funds

In March 2005, the Government retained Mr. Sylvain Lussier's services to manage the civil litigation filed before the Quebec Superior Court to recover the funds associated with the Sponsorship Program. In August 2018, Mr. Lussier was appointed to the Bench. The Attorney General of Canada has appointed Mr. Lussier's colleague, Mr. Fabrice Benoît, also from the law firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, to pursue Mr. Lussier's mandate. A team of lawyers from the Department of Justice is assisting Mr. Benoît.

Mr. Benoît has been mandated to continue Mr. Lussier's efforts to:

  • pursue the recovery of funds illegitimately received under the Sponsorship Program
  • litigate the Attorney General of Canada's lawsuit to recover sponsorship funds
  • add further allegations and claims to the lawsuit that seeks to recover funds which may have been received illegitimately under the Sponsorship Program as facts come to light in other contexts (for example, Gomery Commission)
  • explore avenues to recover funds from the defendants prior to trial
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