Summary of Recoveries

The Government of Canada has recovered through out-of-courts settlements and other remittances, $8.42MFootnote 1 of sponsorship funds that were improperly received. The following table provides the details.

Name of Organization and/or Individual Date
Amount ($) Comments
Paul Coffin and 2794101 Canada Inc. (doing business under the name Communication Coffin) 2005-08-11 1,105,834 Settlement Agreement
Publicité Martin Inc.
(current owners: Groupe OSL Inc.)
2005-09-02 50,000 Settlement Agreement
Liberal Party of Canada 2005-11-01 1,142,818 Voluntary remittance
Draft Inc. and Média I.D.A. Vision Inc. 2006-09-07 1,368,470 Settlement Agreement
Claude Boulay and Sensas (G.E.C.M.) Inc., Everest Estrie Publicité (G.E.C.M.) Inc., Everest Commandites (G.E.C.M.) Inc., Everest Publicité Promotions (G.E.C.M.) Inc., Gestion Opération Tibet Inc. 2007-06-11 1,000,000 Settlement Agreement
Jean Brault, Groupaction Marketing Inc., Gosselin relations publiques Inc., CPPC - Centre de placement de professionnels en communication Inc., Alléluia Design Inc., and Groupaxion Nouveaux médias Inc. 2008-01-31 250,000 + 1,138,269 of damages payment avoided Settlement Agreement
Includes withdrawal of four lawsuits against Government of Canada (GoC)
Éric Lafleur and Publicité Dézert Inc. 2008-04-01 150,000 Settlement Agreement
Includes payment schedule
Jean Lafleur on-going 248,512 Court Order
Jean Lafleur Communications Marketing Inc. 2009-05-08 183,180 Court Order
Benoit Renaud and Communication Art Tellier Inc. 2009-10-07 50,000 Settlement Agreement
Gilles André Gosselin and Gosselin Communications Stratégiques Inc. 2009-11-30 0 Settlement Agreement
Andrée Côté-Gosselin and Nicolas Gosselin 2012-04-02 70,000 Settlement Agreement
Jacques Corriveau (Pluridesign Inc.) 2017-01-17 1,670,000Footnote 1 N/AFootnote 2


Footnote 1

This assumes the sale of Jacques Corriveau's house, which was confiscated and transferred to the Government of Canada, for its appraised value of $985,000.

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Footnote 2

For further information, kindly consult court files numbered 500-38-018205-137, 500-38-018204-130 and 500-01-097000-134 of the Superior Court, District of Montréal, Province of Quebec.

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