Alternative formats and plug-ins

Information throughout the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) website is provided in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) as the primary format. In some cases, other software formats are provided as alternatives.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Some of the pages available on our website are electronic versions of documents that were originally designed for printing. These documents may also be available for download in PDF so that you can view and print them with virtually the same graphics, typography and layout as the original version.

Zip files

  • Why Zip files? - Zip files compress data and therefore save time and space, and make downloading software faster.
  • How do I open a Zip file? - You can open a Zip file by double clicking it in your browser and choosing “Unzip or install from an existing Zip file” in the WinZip Wizard. If you do not have Zip software on your computer, you can download many free versions.
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