Securing equipment and supplies for Canada’s response to COVID-19

On March 12, 2020, the Government of Canada launched a proactive call to action on asking suppliers to come forward with products or services they could offer to support Canada’s response to COVID-19 and to expand the federal government’s supplier network for these life-saving goods in the face of a surge in global demand. In response, the Government of Canada received more than 26,000 unique responses, from both Canadian and international businesses.

An overwhelming response

Through the overwhelming support of businesses that responded to the call to action, and working directly with Canadian manufacturers, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) was able to meet the most urgent and immediate demands for personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies for the Public Health Agency of Canada and front-line health care workers across the country. We commend and thank Canadian companies that retooled production or offered innovative solutions to provide the equipment needed to fight COVID-19 during this critical time.

Return to competitive procurement

The federal government has returned to the use of competitive bidding processes to secure the goods and services required to meet Canada’s evolving needs in response to COVID-19, where circumstances permit and the needs are not urgent. This approach is in line with PSPC’s commitment to open, fair and transparent procurement processes.

Open competitions for goods and services required in response to COVID-19 have been run over the past months and continue to be launched on for a range of PPE, medical equipment and supplies. In addition, to continue to support domestic manufacturing, PSPC has also issued some competitive procurement processes only for Canadian manufacturers. By securing products through these competitive processes, we continue to ensure that Canada is well equipped and prepared for any eventuality when it comes to this pandemic.

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