PSPC works at home

June 9, 2020

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have experienced big changes in the way we work. We’ve had to quickly adapt to working from home. It certainly presents its challenges, particularly when you have young children at home. The pets, however, are thriving. Dogs have never enjoyed so many walks and time with their favourite people. Cats are happily prowling across keyboards and popping up on the screen in video conferences.

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos with us.

The words “Dream Team HR!” appear above a collage of photos that show people sitting at their desks. One photo features a dog in the desk’s chair. Another photo features a woman with her dog. There’s also a photo that shows a woman and her child smiling at the camera. The following words appear below the collage: “The HR Trusted Source and My HRResource team are still available to serve you… from their home!
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  • (Top row, left to right)
    • Photo 1: Tracy – Team Lead
    • Photo 2: Alexandre S. – My HRResource
    • Photo 3: Pascale – Supervisor – My HRResource
    • Photo 4: Jérémy – My HRResource
    • Photo 5: Isabelle – Supervisor – My HRResource
    • Photo 6: Jennifer – My HRResource
  • (Second row, left to right)
    • Photo 7: Jean-François – My HRResource
    • Photo 8: Vicky – Trusted Source
    • Photo 9: Camille – My HRResource
    • Photo 10: Chantal – Trusted Source
    • Photo 11: Thomas – My HRResource
    • Photo 12: Marie-Pier – Trusted Source
  • (Third row, left to right)
    • Photo 13: Alexandre F. – My HRResource
    • Photo 14: Andréane – Trusted Source
    • Photo 15: Patricia – My HRResource
    • Photo 16: Vanessa – My HRResource

““Here are pictures of my home office now. This is perfect as I can work and do my courses at the same time! Love it.

A laptop and a computer monitor, with their backs to the camera, are on a desk. Also on the desk is a bottle of hand sanitizer and a keyboard. A chair faces the screens.

Stephanie Way, Supply Specialist, Vehicles and Industrial Products Division, HP Acquisitions Branch

“We’ll get through it together.

This is May 29, 2020, work week 11, in quarantine at home with a customized / home-made footstool and Doggy Cody.

Since the home quarantine in March, the new norm of teleworking wasn't really a long-term reality for me until I received the extra monitor and keyboard delivered to my front door courtesy of PSPC.

My sincere appreciation to those who work diligently on essential services! Without you, nothing would be possible!”

A collage of four photos shows a work area.

Wenya Yin, MBA, CPA, Comptroller / Financial Advisor, Finance and Administration Branch

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(Clockwise from left to right)
Photo 1 shows a laptop, a monitor and a keyboard on a desk. A footstool is under the desk. Photo 2 shows a dog wearing a bandana in front of the desk. Photo 3 shows a window behind the desk. Photo 4 shows a dog looking at a bookcase at the right of the desk.

Below the collage is the word: “Today.”

May 28, 2020

"My wife (who works for a Canadian telecommunications company) and I share the dining room table as our makeshift office. It works very well, as long as both of us remember who is the boss of the table (HINT: it’s not me: she has seniority… and let it be noted I’m not AT ALL talking about her age here! ;-))"

Two people sit at a dining table with computer equipment in front of them and smile at the camera. The woman has a window behind her and a fireplace hearth on her left. She wears a headset as she rests her hands on a keyboard, in front of the monitor. The man has a laptop in front of him.

Benoit Casey, Communications, Acting Senior Project Coordinator, Government of Canada Pension Centre

May 26, 2020

“Received my monitor, keyboard and mouse from PSPC. This makes teleworking much easier with having the proper work equipment. It has been challenging working from home and caring for my young son but slowly I am adjusting to this new kind of normal. Ça va bien aller.

A monitor, laptop, keyboard and computer mouse are on the top of a desk. Also on the desk are a coffee mug, an oval-shaped light and a small potted tree. A desk chair, with a cushion propped against the back, are in front of the desk.

Kayla-Anne Dubois, Administration Officer and HR-to-Pay Ambassador, Property Facilities Management Services Directorate

“Similar to our new work environment collage, we also posted an article about how staff are taking care of their mental health.”

A collage of 6 images features the words “Making it Work, DCU Coffee Club, Virtual Coffee Club”.

Kayla Uren, Communications Officer, Public Services and Procurement Canada, Pacific Region

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A collage of 16 images features the words “#GetReal” overlaid on it. Counterclockwise, from left to right, the collage shows:

  • Two adults and one baby smile for the camera behind a table of baby toys.
  • A closeup of small outdoor plants placed on a wooden surface.
  • An open yoga mat and exercise accessories are placed on the floor close to a television monitor.
  • A child and an adult, with backs to the camera, walk on a path through the woods with a dog between them.
  • A closeup of a pen and written notes on a desk.
  • In the foreground a man in sunglasses turns and smiles at the camera. Behind him, two children at the shore.
  • A woman, with her back to the camera, looks out onto a body of water. A city skyline is in the background.
  • A closeup of flowers in a pot and in a wooden container.
  • A man, standing on a racetrack, smiles at the camera.
  • A person, lying in bed under a blanket and propped up by pillows, looks at the camera. The words "Burrito Nap #GetReal" are typed over the image.
  • Closeup of six books.
  • Closeup of a cake on a dining room table.
  • Closeup of rocks being painted.
  • Closeup of a plate of scones.
  • A shore and a beach are in the foreground. Trees are in the background.
  • A parrot sits on a houseplant. Framed artwork is on the wall behind the parrot.

Beginning top left, moving clockwise:

  1. Heather Edgecombe‘s dog, Oliver, keeps a close eye.
  2. Daniel LeBlanc’s 32” monitor was sufficient—no need for the 60”.
  3. Donna Richard’s smiling face.
  4. Peter Englehart’s hobby and hiding spot.
  5. Josette Landry’s innovative set-up.
  6. Josée Leger’s sleek and chic desk set-up.
A collage of 6 images features the words “Making it Work, DCU Coffee Club, Virtual Coffee Club”.

Peter Englehart, Pension Assistant, Employer Support Services

long description

A collage of 6 images features the words “Making it Work, DCU Coffee Club, Virtual Coffee Club”.

From left to right, clockwise from top left:

  • A laptop, monitor, mouse and keyboard are on the top of a desk. A dog lying on the floor is in the foreground.
  • A laptop, monitor, mouse and keyboard are on the top of a desk. A notepad is on the computer tower in the foreground.
  • A woman looks at the camera. A laptop, monitor, mouse and keyboard are on the top of a desk behind her.
  • A desk is surrounded and covered by computer equipment. Three monitors, a laptop, and a speaker are on top of the desk. An additional monitor and four computer towers are on the left of the desk. Two computer towers are underneath the desk. Another latop and a printer are on cabinets to the right of the desk. A chair is positioned in front of the desk.
  • A desk is in front of a window. On the wall beside the window is a painting of a city skyline. A laptop, a monitor, and a keyboard are top of the desk. Strips of paper, in different colours are attached to the monitor and on the desk in front of the monitor.
  • A curved desk is in front of a window. A small lamp, two monitors, and a keyboard are on the desk. A chair is positioned in front of the desk.

May 19, 2020

“Desk’s been cleaned up at bit. You can’t see the server rack with the 24 port network switch or the 6 hardwired Wi-Fi access points throughout. Three GOC workers and a university student in the house.”

A desk against the wall features three monitors, a laptop, keyboard, and mouse. On the wall, there are five posters. One poster reads “Black Cat”, two feature Star Wars branding, one reads “NOVA Annihilation Conquest” and one reads “Infamous 2”.

George Karam, Compensation Assistant, Client Service Bureau HR-to-Pay Program Office

“At home in Kanata. I find that a little humour helps brighten my days.”

A corner desk features a laptop, monitor, desk lamp, calculator, mouse, and speaker. On the wall to the left is a poster with the words: “I keep pressing the escape key but I’m still here”.

Tim Sayers CPA CA, Financial Advisor, Finance and Administration Branch

“This is my home office! I have to deal with a cat who finds the keyboard very comfortable and loves playing with my headphones. I work in the kitchen, so there’s constant back and forth. I can’t say this back and forth bothers me. As manager, when I was working on site, employees often came to see me.”

A cat sits on the keyboard of an open and activated laptop.

Caroline Lafrance Manager, Military 1 Division, Translation Bureau

“New way of working with my new colleagues from home”

A table with a laptop, a tablet and two cats is in the foreground of a kitchen. A counter behind the table includes a sink.

Guylaine Tremblay, Business Manager, RP-1 Managed Assets Directorate, Property and Facility Management, Real Property Services

“Can you tell I work in the Defence and Marine Procurement Branch? Time to buzz the tower, Goose…”

A side view of a desk with a laptop and monitor on it. A large desk chair is in front of the desk.

Jeff Mosher, Supply Team Leader, Defence and Marine Procurement Branch

“This is my home office! My handsome, but less than functional, dining table with three-legged chairs! Now my meals are enjoyed on the couch. Swapped my living and dining room furniture to get some natural light during the day.”

A small wooden dining table and four wooden chairs. A monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse are on the table.

Rachel Slack, Facilities Spatial Data Analyst, Real Property Services

“My co-worker taking a mindfulness break while waiting for his VPN to reconnect.”

A desk with a monitor and a lamp is in front of a large window. A large dog sits in the chair in front of the desk.

Sarah Lawley-Wakelin from the Pacific Region is working from home. Check out more photos from Pacific Region employees.

“This is my office with a nice view of the street and… my devoted personal assistant!”

A desktop features two monitors, a keyboard, earphones and a basket with a small dog sitting in it. On the right, other houses are visible through a window.

Sybille Chevallier, Property and Facility Manager, Strategic Business and Programs, Real Property Services

“Very ergonomic. My space has a ‘sit-stand’ desk, the chair from my office, two 27-inch screens, with one converted into a TV to keep me up to date on the latest news. There you have it!”

A desk with a large monitor and a coffee cup is in front of a window. A chair is in front of the desk and a television monitor is across from the desk, on a cabinet.

Martin Lalonde, Manager, Acquisitions Program, Procurement Operations Support Division

“A hundred times better than at work!”

A large corner desk features two laptops and a selection of office accessories.

Linda Therrien, USO 1

“I am a real estate advisor with Real Estate Services in Nova Scotia. I was able to get my office chair, so my home set-up just became a lot more comfortable! My 4 colleagues [cats and dogs] are asleep on the job, however. I’ve resisted the midday nap urge so far.”

Image 1: A woman smiles at the camera, with a monitor and a lamp in the background.; Image 2: Two cats lounge on a daybed. Two framed certificates are displayed on the wall above the daybed.; Image 3: Two dogs sleep on bedding.; Image 4: A desk in front of a window has a monitor and a laptop on it. A desk chair is in front of the desk.

Meghan Cainey, A/Senior Real Estate Advisor, Real Estate Services

“I am a pension expert at the Pension Centre. I have two office views. With my work view, I can watch birds come and go. With my personal space, I can watch time come and go. I have two personal assistants, but honestly, they are not much help and are very needy and struggle with their roles as being the alpha male.”

Image 1: A desk in front of a window features two monitors. A picture of a woman holding a baby is the screensaver on one monitor.; Image 2: A desk in another room features one monitor. A picture of a girl is the screensaver on the monitor.; Image 3: Two cats recline on a blanket.

Ferne C. Beaman, Public Service Pension Centre

“Before the pandemic, I was already working 2 days at home, so I had what was needed, except a good chair! So I got a new chair to be more comfortable, and I can say my workspace is ergonomic! I love working from home, especially with my companion Panty (2 years old)! Who doesn’t love working from the comfort of their home?”

A woman is sitting at a desk with her right hand on a computer mouse and smiling for the camera. On the desk are two monitors, a keyboard and a coffee cup.

Pascale Legault-Bertrand, Supervisor of My HRResource, Human Resources Branch

Photo 1: The Office.
Photo 2: The Office (with Bob Ross for mental health support).
Photo 3: When you can’t access the VPN from home… you find another way to connect to the network: park outside the office and “voilà!”

Image 1: Interior of a parked car features a steering wheel on the left, and a view of a Government of Canada building outside the windows, on the right.; Image 2: Photo of a dining room. In the foreground, near the entrance, is a sign that reads “The Office.”; Image 3: A close-up of a workspace decoration on the dining room table shows a figurine holding a painter’s palette. The base of the figurine features the words “Bob Ross”.

Ingrid Ducharme, Project Officer, Professional Services Contract Management, Corporate Planning and Resource Management Directorate, National Capital Area Project Delivery, Real Property Services

“I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve made my workspace into a little sanctuary to display my collection. However, with my 2-year-old son at home, I sit at my kitchen island most often.”

A desk is in front of a wall decorated with a collection of framed photos and Harry Potter-themed materials. On the desk is a monitor, keyboard, and printer. A toddler sitting in the desk chair holds a baby bottle and faces the monitor.

Anne Trudel-Bruyère, Client Contact Centre, Pay Administration Branch

“Why did I resist before COVID-19?”

An overhead view of a desk with three monitors. The desktop also includes a phone, a coffee cup, a laptop, books, a binder and two computer mice.

Keith Simpson, Compensation Assistant

May 12, 2020

“I’m pleased to have set up an ergonomic office at home; it’s very useful. I love the view from my desk and my co-worker Maya [a 10 year old dog] is rather quiet. It’s a very zen environment.”

A woman smiles at the camera with her computer monitor in the background.

Isabelle Deslandes, Acting Director General, Infrastructure Asset Management, Real Property Services Branch.

“There’s lots of natural light, plus the food court (the fridge) is not too far away. I miss my team, though.”

A collage of three photos. One shows a desk with two laptops and a monitor. Another shows a small plate of food on the desk, near the monitor. The last photo shows a woman seated beside the desk with a laptop and a monitor beside her.

Zepporah Toh, Director, Digital Projects Oversight and Delivery, Digital Services Branch.

“I created a workspace one second away from my gym area in the living room with my poker set as a footrest! You work with what you have when you’re in an apartment! All in all, I like my little work corner!”

A desk with two monitors is in front of a large window, with plants on either side. A yoga mat with accessories is on the floor.

Patricia Boulanger, Project Manager, Change Management, Workplace Renewal Initiative.

At home in Smiths Falls, a spot where her dogs used to nap is now a cozy corner office and the perfect place to enjoy coffee and the sound of birds chirping every morning.

A desk with a chair, monitor, laptop and printer.

Lynda Lackey, Executive Assistant, Security Systems Management Sector, Departmental Oversight Branch.

“This is our family office 2.0. There are three of us teleworking from the dining room table. We're adapting!”

Three people sit on different sides of a dining table and work from computers or laptops.

Martine Bégin, Manager, Finance and Administration Branch.

Tough times don’t last. Tough teams do!

A collage of individuals, each working from home. The words: Tough times don’t last; tough teams do – GLI 2020 appears in the middle of the collage.

The General Ledger Integrity team, teleworking.

“My office space is well laid out. I got a good chair and office accessories to work more comfortably and efficiently.”

A man at a desk with two large monitors looks at the camera.

Anoule Pierre, Supply Specialist, Procurement Branch.

“I usually work in an unassigned Portage III workspace. I’ve adapted to no more offices; now I’m adapting to a new set-up: my kids have me in our dining room, behind doors, to limit the noise I make!”

Through a window, a woman is sitting at a dining room table in front of a monitor and a laptop.

Isabelle Corriveau, Director, Integrated Enterprise Security Directorate, Security and Emergency Management Sector, Department Oversight Branch.

“Here is my new home office, notice the stool for my feet? I can’t touch the ground!”

A workspace includes a desk, chair, computer and laptop. A small footstool is under the desk.

Michelle Schryburt, Team Lead, Accommodation and Security, Receiver General and Pension Branch.

May 5, 2020

I find working from home disorients me.

A man is seated with an open laptop beside him and smiles for the camera. The picture is upside down.

Deputy Minister Bill Matthews

Who knew that my earbuds would become an essential work tool?

A man sitting in front of a desk smiles for the camera.

Associate Deputy Minister Michael Vandergrift

My new work colleague is a good listener, doesn’t say too much and has a tendency to fall asleep on the job.

A dog looks up towards the camera.

Michael’s newest co-worker

Lots of natural light and the benefit of observing spring set in (the arrival of a cardinal and robins off my deck); signs of optimism at a difficult time.

A room with a long table on which there are laptops and other office supplies. Sunlight is coming in through a window.

Work set-up for Associate Deputy Minister Les Linklater

Greetings from my attic garret in my formal work clothes! I quarantined here when we returned from the United Kingdom in early March and haven't much left since. Working from home has definitely upped my tech skills and banished paper.

A woman wearing denim overalls is seated in front of a desk.

Associate Deputy Minister Janet King

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