Update on Asbestos Use

April 19, 2016

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) takes the health and safety of its building occupants and visitors very seriously. The Department recognizes that the Canadian public and public service employees have concerns with the presence of asbestos in its buildings.

Earlier this year, the Department undertook a review of asbestos use in PSPC-led new construction and major rehabilitation projects. The review examined Canadian and international industry trends, along with the economic and practical feasibility of using asbestos-free building materials.

PSPC concluded that alternative materials were available for use in construction and major rehabilitation projects. Based on this information, the Department determined that, as of April 1, 2016, the use of asbestos in PSPC’s new construction and major renovation projects would be prohibited.

Concurrently, in the interest of transparency, PSPC is developing an inventory of its owned and leased buildings to identify those that contain asbestos. The inventory will be posted on PSPC’s website in summer 2016 and will identify the names and addresses of the buildings, whether they contain asbestos and whether an asbestos management plan exists.

For more information, visit the web page called Asbestos in Public Services and Procurement Canada-owned buildings.