Transcript for PWGSC – Knowing Government Best Video

Start of clip

A white screen displays the words “The environment is constantly changing for all of us” superimposed on an outline of the Ottawa skyline, then the text and image dissolves.

The text “and so is how we all do business” emerges with the image of a brief case that quickly transforms into a laptop.

The laptop remains for a moment as the text “Government organizations need” appears. The laptop image is replaced by a dark green banner with the word “Greater”. Both texts decrease in size and move to the top of the screen. Below the text a circular puzzle takes shape with individual pieces containing the words, “Expertise”, “Efficiency”, “Savings” and “Innovation”.

The hole in the middle of the circular puzzle is filled by the words “and a partner”. The completed circular puzzle turns lime green and becomes the focus of the screen.

A new lime circle appears with the text “Who knows their business best”, then spins off the screen.

On a white screen the text “At PWGSC knowing government is:” appears. Below the text, the following lime-green checkmark bullets appear one by one, “Shared business goals”, “Leveraging resources and common government needs”, “Services that are customized and easily accessible”. The final bullet “Innovation inside government” appears on a solid green. The screen decreases in size and a solid green box appears as the final bullet text slides horizontally out of the box. Below the text, the words “outside the box” emerge in big bold font and the screen zooms away.

On a green screen in bold white font the words “Our business is” appears. Underneath the words in regular white font the text “Serving government, Serving Canadians.” emerge.

On a white screen the text “Let us show you what we do best” appear, with the word “best” in bold font.

The text “Visit Us” emerges with the visual of a rectangular web search box and the background is a screen shot visual of the PWGSC Services Internet page. Inside the search box the words “PWGSC Services” is quickly typed in.

PWGSC corporate signature appears on a white screen.

Canada word mark appears on a black screen.

End of animated video.