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The following are notes for the escort of Protected B and/or classified documents, equipment, and/or components within Canada that are such size, weight and configuration that they cannot be hand carried.

Notes for the escort

You have been appointed to escort a Protected B and/or classified consignment. Your ARCHIVED - courier certificate has been provided. Before starting your journey, you will be briefed on the security regulations governing the escorting of this consignment and on your security obligations during the specified journey (for example: behaviour, itinerary and schedule). You will also be requested to sign a ARCHIVED - declaration that you have read and understand and will comply with prescribed security obligations.

The following general points are brought to your attention:

  1. You will be held liable and responsible for the consignment described in the ARCHIVED - courier certificate
  2. Throughout the journey, the consignment must remain under your control
  3. You must not open the consignment en route except in the circumstances described in paragraph 7 below
  4. You must not discuss or disclose the consignment in any public place
  5. You must not, under any circumstances, leave the consignment unattended. During overnight stops, you may be utilize military facilities or International Industrial Security Directorate (IISD) approved industrial facilities having appropriate security clearance. Your company security officer will instruct you on this matter
  6. In cases of emergency, you must take such measures as you consider necessary to protect the consignment, but on no account may you allow the consignment out of your direct personal control unless secured in accordance with paragraph 5 above
  7. If unforeseen circumstances make it necessary to transfer the consignment to other than scheduled designated representatives, you must only give it to individuals authorized by 1 of the points of contact listed in paragraph 9.
    1. There is no assurance of immunity from search by police and other public officials; therefore, should such officials inquire into the contents of the consignment, show them your ARCHIVED - courier certificate and this note and insist on showing them to a senior official. If the senior official demands to see the actual contents of the consignment, you may open it in their presence, but this must be done in an area out of sight of the general public
    2. You should take precautions to show officials only as much of the contents as will satisfy them that the consignment does not contain any other item and ask the official to re-pack or assist in re-packing it immediately upon completion of the examination
    3. You should request the senior official to provide evidence of the opening and inspection of the packages by signing and sealing them when closed and by confirming in the shipping documents (if any) that the consignment has been opened
    4. If you have been required to open the consignment under such circumstances as the foregoing, you must notify the receiving company security officer, who in turn must immediately notify IISD
    5. Under no circumstances may the consignment be turned over to public officials for their custody without prior approval of IISD
  8. Upon your return, you must produce a bona fide receipt for the consignment signed by the security officer of the company or agency receiving the consignment
  9. To request assistance along the route you may contact the:
    1. dispatching company security officer
    2. receiving company security officer (if applicable)
    3. other officials (if applicable)
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