Active member—Regular Force enrolled before March 1, 2007

Find information, as an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces regarding your pension plan and the benefits to which you and your families will be entitled.

Life events

New to the Canadian Armed Forces

Learn about the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Pension Plans and find some common questions and answers that may be of interest to new members of the CAF.

Getting married/common-law

Find out what you have to do if you get married or start a common-law relationship. Your partner may be eligible for a survivor benefit in the event of your death.


Find out about your pension entitlements and benefit options if you are releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Preparing for retirement

Learn about your pension benefits available to you upon your retirement.

Increasing your pension

Find information about how you may be able to increase your pension by electing to count your prior service as pensionable through a service buy-back or by transferring pension credits (with limitations) from other plans.


Access information that will help you understand your options in the event that you become disabled or suffer from a long-term illness.

Divorce or separation

Learn about how a divorce or separation may affect your pension benefits.

Taking a leave of absence

Learn about how your pension may be affected when you are on leave without pay.

Becoming a parent

Find out about the survivor benefit that may available to your eligible children in the event of your death.


Learn about the pension issues that you should consider before deploying.

When death occurs

Learn about the benefits that your survivor and children may be eligible for in the event of your death.

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