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Our team will help you complete even the most daunting digitization projects. You will benefit from our years of experience in the imaging business, an established network of skilled specialists, robust equipment, and business transformation successes.

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The Document Imaging Solutions Centre is Public Services and Procurement Canada's total service solution for all levels of government and institutions. Based in Matane, Quebec, we have operations in the National Capital Region in Gatineau, Quebec, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our offices share a common infrastructure of high-volume production scanners.

Matane: Administrative Centre and digitization facility

This is our primary production facility. Highly qualified employees manage the document imaging process from A to Z, from receipt to invoicing.

The digitization facilities are fully equipped with the latest imaging technology. Employees receive, record, track, open and prepare documents for the digitization process. Once digitized, we can index and classify documents according to your specifications. We also archive, access and dispose of documents based on strict guidelines used by the Government of Canada. Certified ISO 9001:2015, we strive to be recognized for our excellent work and our value-add approach to quality, enabling us to provide our clients top quality digitization services.

National Capital Region: Gatineau outreach office

Our outreach office in Gatineau plays a central role in client relations. The Document Imaging Solutions Centre offers services to clients in the National Capital Region and across Canada.

We attend many major conferences throughout the year and are always ready to travel to your location to better understand your imaging needs.

Contact the Document Imaging Solutions Centre if you have any questions or comments about our services, facilities or activities.

Video: The Document Imaging Solution Centre: the solution to your record management challenges


Start of video

[Music plays]

(Text on screen: Public Services and Procurement Canada)

(Text on screen: This footage was recorded prior to the Government of Canada’s physical distancing guidelines. Canadians are encouraged to continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.)

[Shot of an office with messy stacks of paper, binders and books on the desk. Large rolls of paper and boxes are piled in the corner. File folders are stacked on the desk chair.]

(Text on screen: Bring us your Paper, Emails, Micrographics.)

(Text on screen: Records Management Challenges.)

[Shot of a man sitting at a desk typing on a computer in a bright, clean, streamlined-looking office environment.]

(Text on screen: We’ll give you … Smart, Simple, Secure, Digital Process.)

(Text on screen: Document Imaging Solutions Centre.)

(Text on screen: DISC.)

Bring us your paper, your emails, your micrographics... Bring us your records management challenges and we’ll give you a smart, simple and secure digital process.

[Close-up shot of a computer screen displaying the home login web page for the Document Imaging Solutions Centre. The mouse arrow clicks through to a worksheet and then a fillable form.]

(Text on screen: Digitization to help you…)

(Text on screen: Work efficiently)

[Shot of a woman working on a laptop]

(Text on screen: Access information anywhere)

[Shot of a man texting or responding to an e-mail on a smartphone]

(Text on screen: Improve client service)

[Shot of filing cabinets, many drawers open and packed with documents]

(Text on screen: Reduce costs)

[Shot of a client from behind getting prompted onscreen to enter a login and password]

(Text on screen: Protect documents)

[Shot of three clients conversing around a boardroom table]

(Text on screen: Comply with regulations)

[Shot of large industrial scanner digitizing paper]

Our digitization services help you streamline workflows so you can: work efficiently, access information anytime, anywhere, improve client service and satisfaction, reduce operating and storage costs, protect documents and comply with regulations.

(Text on screen: State-of-the-art technology)

Our people, procedures and technology will convert your documents into digital files that are easier to access and preserve.

[Shot of a mix of unusual formats such as blueprints, file folders, CDs, microfilm and microfiches]

(Text on screen: Virtually any kind of document. Print and electronic)

It’s much more than scanning. We work with documents of all shapes and sizes – print and electronic.

[Shot of the back of a woman working on a laptop searching for indexable information and finding it quickly]

(Text on screen: Simple search and retrieval)

We index your digitized information so it’s fully searchable and easy to retrieve.

[Shot of magnifying glass looking at a page full of the numbers 1 and 0]

(Text on screen: Evidentiary quality. Canadian and international standards)

With evidentiary quality that meets Canadian and international standards.

[Shot of a partially blurry image of an industrial scanner]

(Text on screen: Our Services)

(Text on screen: Basic Conversion. Mailroom Services. Mobile Scanning. Standards Compliance. Archival documents. Bibliographic services)

Our services include: basic conversion, mailroom services, mobile scanning, Canadian General Standards Board and ISO standards compliance, archival document conversion and bibliographic services.

[Shot of two clients conversing around a boardroom table]

(Text on screen: Tailored to your needs and budget)

We provide a total service solution tailored to your needs and budget.

[Shot of a DISC employee working on the industrial scanner computer]

(Text on screen: Secure facilities. 15+ years of experience)

[Shot of an employee pushing a cart in a warehouse facility]

[Shot of a man feeding a large scale map into an industrial flatbed scanner]

We operate in secure facilities and have more than 15 years of experience, so your documents are in good hands.

[Shot of a woman typing on a laptop]

(Text on screen: Document Imaging Solutions Centre (DISC))

(Text on screen: DISC. Smart. Simple. Secure)

The Document Imaging Solutions Centre is your one-stop shop for smart, simple, secure digitization that lets you work faster and more efficiently.

(Text on screen: Learn more:

[Music stops]

(Text on screen: This video was produced in accordance with public health guidelines in place at the time of recording.)

(Text on screen: Check us out:,,,

(Public Services and Procurement Canada signature)

(Canada Wordmark)

End of video


Smart, simple, secure: the Document Imaging Solutions Centre works with your organization to customize solutions to your record management challenges.

We will configure our equipment to meet your requirements, so that with just a few changes in your business, you will be able to work cleaner, faster and more efficiently. After all, it's smart to convert to an electronic format.

We offer:


The Document Imaging Solutions Centre is part of Public Services and Procurement Canada. This department delivers high-quality services and programs such as security, information services, real property, payments, pension, purchasing and translation to over 100 federal departments and agencies.

Today, the imaging centre supports the Digital Canada 150 initiative, a 2013 plan to guide federal departments and agencies into the digital future. Our mandate includes the digitization of government documents and support for Open Government.

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What some of our clients say about our services:

"It was a pleasure working with you and your team in Matane. Your contribution to the success of the review was exceptional."

Davinderpaul Kanwal, Acting Director General,
Canada Post Corporation Review

"Just a word to thank you for always answering our imaging questions quickly and promptly, which allows us to give our clients excellent service. A pension expert also told us about the great service he received recently."

Janice M. Gallant, Acting Manager,
Information Management and Outreach
Government of Canada Pension Centre

"During the 2016-17 fiscal year, the Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada (MPCC) engaged the services of the Document Imaging Solutions from Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). From the first meeting in October 2016 until the completion of the project, the PSPC team, including Nicole Clermont and Heather Houston, advised and supported the MPCC throughout the entire project of imaging its collection.
The preparation and verification of the documents at the pre-planning stage of the project ensured that it could be well completed and in a timely manner. The meetings and communication between the various sections and the contractor made the experience easy and pleasant for the MPCC. Though the elements of our original contract changed while the project was ongoing, the team continued to guide and support us until the project was completed.
The MPCC is pleased to have worked with the Document Imaging Solutions Centre’s team at PSPC."

Stéphane Noreau
Records and Information Management Officer
Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada

"I am pleased with the work you did for us in March (Collection 1993-2007). The optical character recognition was much more successful than I thought it would have been. The same applies to image quality. It was a real pleasure working with you and your team, and I look forward to working with you again."

François Boivin
Executive Editor
Federal Courts Reports
Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada

"The Public Services and Procurement Canada Digital Information Management team in Matane has done a fantastic job with file management, scanning and image production for our ongoing file digitization project - we look forward to continuing the project with them this year."

Carl Ripley
Manager, Navigation Protection Program
Transport Canada - Atlantic Region

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