What to expect when working with us

In just 6 steps, take your business transformation project from preliminary idea to finished product. Learn how we can help scope the work and convert your records to digital format for smart, simple and secure retrieval.

Step 1: Internal project initiations

You want to work more efficiently with your business information. You need a guide and partner to help and support you. You have heard about the great work we do and decide to move forward.

Step 2: Contact the Document Imaging Solutions Centre

We regularly participate in conferences targeted for different levels of government. Meeting us at one of these conferences will give you a chance to tell us about your area of expertise. If you can't connect with us at a conference, we are available to speak to you either by teleconference or in person.

Once we have your contact information, one of our project managers will follow up with you to discuss the next steps.

Step 3: Project scoping

We will work closely with you so that we can learn more about your business needs. Next, we will examine your collection of records to determine the scope of work and type of project. It's important that we understand how you store, maintain and retrieve, or dispose of your documents.

Finally, we will work with you to define your business requirements, which we will satisfy by personalizing our services and equipment.

Step 4: Contracting

With the analysis and project scope in hand, we will complete your specifications checklist, price the service offerings you select and draw up a contract agreement. Our rate structure is approved by the Government of Canada and is designed to get the best value for your resources.

Step 5: Production and quality assurance

With your records in hand, we can now start working on your documents to ensure that all measures are taken for a final product that meets all your needs. It’s all about the details.

Getting your records ready can be more tedious than you expect, but we help you think of everything: from removing sticky notes, staples and paper clips, to removing binding that is more intricate. We can also incorporate barcodes to sort the records before scanning, which accelerates both the digitizing process and indexing of your images.
After completing all the previous steps, we can digitize your documents according to your requested specifications. Using our high-speed and high-volume scanners, your documents are processed by expertly qualified employees.
Quality assurance and security checks:
At every stage of work, we apply a rigorous quality assurance process. We use only certified, secure means in the transfer of physical records or transmission of electronic records between your facilities and our operational unit.

Step 6: Project end

Because we work with you every step of the way, you can be confident that:

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