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Service standard for the Controlled Goods Program

Service standard

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) commits to a service standard for registration and security assessments of 32 business days, 10 business days for visitor exemptions, and 30 business days for temporary worker exemptions from the date an application is deemed complete by the CGP to the date a decision is issued to the applicant.

Performance target

The target for achieving these standards is set at 80%.

Performance measurement

Performance will be measured by the percentage of applications completed within the required timeframe set out in the service standard.

Performance report on service

Performance report
Service standard Target Results
2013 to 2014 Footnote 1 2014 to 2015 2015 to 2016 2016 to 2017
Registration certificate issued (new and renewals) within 32 business days. Footnote 2 80% 72% 82% 93% 95%
Security assessments conducted within 32 business days. Footnote 2 80% N/A 80% 90% 88%
Visitor exemption certificates issued within 10 business days. Footnote 2 80% N/A 99% 99% 100%
Temporary worker exemptions conducted within 30 business days. 80% N/A 99% 99% 99%

Application under the Controlled Goods Program

For information on the requirements regarding registration, exemptions and security assessments, visit the Controlled Goods Program website.

Service feedback

To make a comment or complaint about the service standard, contact the Controlled Goods Program.

For more information

To learn about upcoming or ongoing consultations on proposed federal regulations, visit the Canada Gazette and Consulting with Canadians websites.

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