Contracts with Supermax Healthcare Canada

November 10, 2021

Forced labour is a significant and unacceptable problem in global supply chains, and we take all allegations of such conduct very seriously. The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that it does not do business with companies that employ unethical practices, either directly or within their supply chains.

Canada is aware of the steps taken recently by the US Government against glove maker Supermax Corp, of Malaysia, following allegations of forced labour practices. Following similar allegations in early January 2021 against Malaysian glove makers, Public Services and Procurement Canada asked 6 suppliers sourcing gloves in Malaysia, including Supermax Healthcare Canada, to provide information on due diligence processes and mitigation measures put in place to meet their universal labour and human rights responsibilities. This included details on how they identify, prevent, mitigate and improve on accounts of human rights concerns and ensure practices are in place to ensure protection of workers in their supply chain.

Supermax Healthcare Canada’s response to the letter defined their practices, policies, audit and investigations strategies, as well as their compliance with international regulatory and quality standards pertaining to labour and human rights.

As a result, Canada maintained 2 existing contracts with Supermax Healthcare Canada. In light of the current situation, Canada has engaged with the company to seek assurances that Supermax Corp is not engaging in forced labour practices.

Supermax Healthcare Canada confirms that in October 2021, given the public allegations of forced labour practices, Supermax Corp hired an independent firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of its operations in accordance with the indicators of forced labour of the International Labour Organization. The resulting report is expected in mid-November 2021, and once Canada has reviewed it will determine the next steps. In the interim, additional deliveries from Supermax Healthcare Canada to the Government are being held.

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