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Certification and Qualification

Program update

This notice is to announce that the Canadian General Standards Board’s (CGSB) Certification Services - Products and Services (CS) has decided to close the following programs, effective April 1st, 2023:

This decision was based on the results of an internal program review and future business case study for the division.

Should you have any questions, you may contact Mr. Darren Eddy, Manager, Conformity Assessment Division,


To get the best value for their purchasing dollar, public and private sector buyers need to identify suppliers committed to quality. They need to know that the goods and services they purchase will perform as expected every time and meet standards and requirements. Since 1979, the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) has delivered independent certification and qualification programs where products are assessed against performance and quality standards. Qualification and Certification programs are a voluntary and impartial mechanism by which suppliers can demonstrate to potential buyers the value of their goods.

Through facility audits and product testing conducted by CGSB, suppliers provide objective evidence that their products and services meet nationally recognized standards of quality and performance.

The names of suppliers and their products are entered on the lists. These lists are made available to a wide range of potential buyers, including procurement agencies in all three levels of government in Canada, major Canadian corporations and professional associations, other public and private institutions, and consumers across Canada and internationally.


Show your customers objective evidence that your products and services meet nationally recognized standards of quality and performance. Have the CGSB conduct an independent and impartial facility audit, service verification and/or product testing, and demonstrate compliance with current industry-recognized standards.

Once the certification process is complete, your company name and your qualified products or services are displayed on the program list on-line. This site, used extensively by private and public sector buyers, major Canadian corporations, and consumers, will provide you with a level of visibility unavailable in any other forum.

CGSB Certification and Qualification Program Lists cover the following products and services:

How the Programs Work

Briefly, to be accepted into a program, suppliers must demonstrate:

Descriptions of the suppliers and their products and/or services appear on either a certification program list (CPL) or a Qualification Program List (QPL). These lists are available to purchasing professionals at all levels of government, corporate and institutional users, retailers, and the public.

Products and/or services listed on a CPL are identified with a unique listing number and the CGSB certification mark a copyrighted, high-profile, easily recognized symbol of quality.

Through an ongoing program of product testing and facility assessments, CGSB ensures the product's and/or services' continuing conformance to the standard(s).

To achieve this level of confidence, the program has four phases:

  1. Application
  2. Quality System Assessment
  3. Listing/Licensing
  4. Ongoing Product Testing and Facility Assessments.

Program Manuals

Our easy-to-read program manuals provide complete information on the certification programs, including applications, process and costs. Each Certification or Qualification Program has its own set of manuals, application forms, Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and fact sheets.

The CGSB certification programs are based solely on technical and management systems requirements as per ISO 17065.


Standards pertaining to sustainability, social and ethical issues are not part of the evaluation.

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