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Single-use, Non-sterile, Medical Examination Gloves, Type 2

International Organization for Standardization: ISO 11193-1:2020, Type 2

Certification Program List

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This mark is used for Certification Listing Programs that are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, a Crown Corporation that oversees the National Standards System in Canada.

Gloves made primarily from nitrile rubber latex, polychloroprene rubber latex, styrene-butadiene rubber solution, styrne-butadiene rubber emulsion or thermoplastic elastomer solution.

Bio Nuclear Diagnostics Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

  • Listing Number: 71193
    • Status: Listed
    • Listing Date: 2012-11-14
    • Technologist Choice, nitrile, powderfree (9 inch and 12 inch Long Cuff)
  • Listing Number: 71290
    • Status: Listed
    • Listing Date: 2017-03-16
    • Response One Hi Risk, nitrile, powder free

Supermax Glove Manufacturing SDN. BHD
Selangor, Malaysia

  • Listing Number: 71253
    • Status: Under review 2022-08-02
    • Listing Date: 2006-03-27
    • Aurelia, nitrile, textured, powderfree
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