How to complete the militarily critical technical data agreement

To apply for certification by the Joint Certification Program (JCP), you must complete the militarily critical technical data agreementDD form 2345 (DD2345).

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Step 1: Complete and sign by hand

You must complete the DD2345 electronically, ensuring to sign the form by hand. Digital signatures are not accepted.

Refer to Detailed instructions for more information about how to complete the DD2345.

Step 2: Review your completed form

Ensure that:

Step 3: Submit with supporting documents

Send the signed DD2345, and supporting documents, if applicable, by email to:

For initial applications (not renewal or revision), if not also registered with the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), you must include a copy of 1 of the following supporting documents, as business verification, along with your DD2345:

The document you choose must display the:

Detailed instructions

Certification is site specific. Militarily critical technical data (MCTD) transferred to a certified contractor is only provided to the location identified in the certified DD2345.

You must submit a DD2345 for each company address that:

Block 1: Type of submission (check only 1 box)

  1. Initial submission: check this option if this is your first request to be certified under the JCP
  2. Revision: check this option if you are amending a previously approved submission and providing revised information, such as addresses or business description
  3. Five-year renewal: check this option only if nothing on the DD2345 has changed since the last submission. If there are changes, you must select “Revision”

If you select the "revision" or "5-year renewal" box, enter your current certification number in Block 7a.—Certification action.

Block 2: Enterprise or individual data

  1. Name
    • For companies: enter the full legal name of the corporate parent or institution
    • For an individual: enter your full name (surname, name and middle name(s))
  2. Address: enter the mailing address for the physical location of the company or individual. If a postal box is used for mailing purposes, also enter its complete address separately
  3. Name of subsidiary/division/department: enter the name of each corporate subsidiary (include legal name) or division that is to receive MCTD
    • subsidiaries must be certified separately if not established at the same location as the parent company
    • write "not applicable" if this section does not apply to you
  4. Commercial and governmental entity (CAGE) code: Canadian contractors must include their NCAGE code here

How to get a North Atlantic Treaty Organization Commercial and Government Entity Code

All companies must get an NCAGE  Code (or a CAGE code for American contractors) before submitting the form to the JCP. You can:

Block 3: Data custodian

Companies or individuals applying for certification must designate a person by name to act as their data custodian. This person will be responsible for receiving and disseminating any MCTD transferred to the certified contractor under the provisions of the JCP. They will also act as the main point of contact between your company and the program.

For this Block, provide contact information where your designated data custodian will receive MCTD and be responsible for its dissemination. This includes:

  • name
  • title
  • business land line telephone number (including area code)
  • email address of the data custodian

Block 4: Description of relevant business activity

You must provide information to address the following 9 elements.

You should not repeat the text or the numbers but provide the responses in 1 single paragraph, in the following order:

  1. Indicate if you are a prime or sub-contractor (and with what company) if applicable
  2. Describe what you do (for example: manufacturer, service provider, vendor, etc.)
  3. Describe what type(s) of equipment/material/service you manufacture/provide (include commodity, NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) or FSC (Federal Supply Class) if known
  4. Indicate whether or not you are registered in the CGP. In the affirmative, provide your registration number (CG01234)
  5. Indicate if your equipment/material/service is related to the United States (U.S.) Munitions List or Commerce Control List
  6. Indicate if you possess a U.S. Export Control License
  7. State your purpose for JCP certification
  8. Indicate if you require access to U.S. systems or the Defense Logistics Agency Internet Bid Board System
  9. Indicate the agency and name of a point of contact requiring you to attain a JCP certification, include contact information such as title, email address, phone number and location. Alternatively, state if you do not have a current agency


The DD2345, once approved, becomes your JCP certificate. For this reason your complete response must be provided within Block 4. Attachments will not be accepted.

Proprietary or other sensitive information should not be included in the statement as the information entered on the DD2345 will be publicly available.

Block 5: Conditions

By signing the DD2345, you are agreeing to the conditions—as listed in this Block—for receiving MCTD controlled by the Department of National Defence (DND) in Canada and in the U.S., the Department of Defense (DoD). You must certify that you will:

  1. appoint a data custodian in (as listed in Block 3 of the DD2345) who is either a Canadian citizen or a person admitted lawfully for permanent residence into Canada
  2.  use data only in ways mandated by the Directive 5230.25 of the DoD or the Technical Data Control Regulations
    • You must certify that you need the MCTD to bid on or perform a contract with an agency of the U.S. or Canadian government or for other legitimate business purposes
    • Other legitimate business purposes include:
      • providing or seeking to provide equipment or technology to a foreign government with the prior approval of the Canadian or U.S. government, as applicable
      • bidding or preparing to bid on a sale of surplus property
      • selling or producing products for the Canadian or U.S. commercial domestic marketplace, or for the commercial foreign marketplace, providing that any required export licence is obtained from the appropriate Canadian or U.S. licensing authority
      • engaging in scientific research in a professional capacity for either of the 2 defence establishments—the DND in Canada or the U.S. DoD
      • acting as a subcontractor for any of the purposes listed above
  3. adhere to, and not violate, applicable export control laws and regulations both in Canada and in the U.S.
  4. limit access to the MCTD only to your employees or eligible persons
    • You agree not to publicly disclose any technical data you receive under the agreement, unless specifically authorized by the controlling office, and to limit access to the data to individuals employed at your facility. These employees must meet the following citizenship requirements:
      • Canadian or U.S. citizens or permanent residents of Canada if the facility is located in Canada
      • U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents if the facility is located in the U.S.
  5. certify that employees or eligible persons with access to the MCTD have not:
    • been debarred, suspended or are otherwise ineligible to perform Canadian or American government contracts
    • violated Canadian or American export control laws and regulations
  6. certify that your organization has not
    • been debarred, suspended or otherwise ineligible from performing on Canadian or American government contracts
    • violated or contravened any Canadian or American export control laws or regulations

Block 6: Contractor certification

  1. Typed name
    • If Block 2—Enterprise or individual data: identifies an individual, that individual must print or type their name here
    • If Block 2—Enterprise or individual data: identifies an institution or a corporate entity, a person who can legally obligate the enterprise to a contract must print or type their name here
  2. Title
    • If Block 2—Enterprise or individual data: identifies an individual, that individual must indicate their title here
    • If Block 2—Enterprise or individual data: identifies an institution or a corporate entity, a person who can legally obligate the enterprise to a contract must list their title here
  3. Signature
    • If Block 2—Enterprise or individual data: identifies an individual, that individual must sign their name
    • If Block 2—Enterprise or individual data: identifies an institution or a corporate entity, a person who can legally obligate the enterprise to a contract must sign their name


    The signature must be hand written, digital signatures are not accepted.

  4. Date signed: enter the date that you sign the DD2345


If a contractor violates the provisions of the agreement, the contractor’s eligibility for access to MCTD may be revoked. A contractor’s eligibility for access may be reinstated when the basis for the revocation has been remedied. If a contractor exports the technical data without the benefit of license or other authorization, it may be in violation of export control laws and subject to severe criminal penalties. A contractor violating the provisions of the agreement may be subject to prosecution by the contracting authority.

Block 7: Certification action

  • a. and c. in this section are completed by the JCP
  • b. Number: Complete this Block only if you have a previous JCP certification by inserting that certificate number here

Block 8: Department of Defense official

To be completed by an official from the U.S. DoD.

Block 9: Canadian official

To be completed by an official from Public Services and Procurement Canada.

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