Security assessments: A summary of considerations, requirements and timelines

This summary provides information about Public Services and Procurement Canada's Controlled Goods Program security assessments. Learn about related requirements for new and renewal applications for registration, validity, expiry periods, and more.

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New registration applications

All new registration applications submitted to the Controlled Goods Program must be accompanied by security assessment(s) for all owner(s) (holding 20% or more of the business), for the authorized individual, and for a designated official.

Renewal registration applications

All renewal applications, at the time of application, must be either:

If the security assessments for the owner(s) or authorized individual will expire within 6 months after the renewal application, we recommend that you submit those at the same time as the renewal application.

Validity period

Security assessments, once approved, are valid for up to 5  years. It is the responsibility of all organizations registered in the Controlled Goods Program to respect expiry dates and to ensure security assessments are renewed. This can be done by submission of completed applications, with all supporting documents, to a minimum of 32 business days prior to the expiry date.


Designated officials must re-conduct security assessments of employees who require access to controlled goods, at least once every 5 years. The designated official may only do so if they themselves hold a valid approved security assessment.


Notices for security assessment expiries will not be issued by the Controlled Goods Program.


No individual may examine, possess or transfer controlled goods without a valid approved security assessment.

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