How to meet Controlled Goods Program requirements

All registrants in the Controlled Goods Program must comply with the requirements of the Defence Production Act. Learn how to comply by conducting and submitting reports on security assessments of personnel, preparing for inspections, developing security plans and reporting security breaches.

Services and information

Security assessments for personnel examining, possessing or transferring controlled goods

For registrants in the Controlled Goods Program: find information and tools for conducting security assessments of personnel who need to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods or technology.

Security assessments 6-month report

Understand what registrants must provide relating to individuals who were security assessed by the designated official.

Compliance inspections for controlled goods

Get help preparing for mandatory controlled goods inspections at your work site.

Developing a security plan for controlled goods

Access resources to help you prepare a security plan for controlled goods at your work site.

Reporting a security breach involving controlled goods

Learn when and how to report confirmed or suspected security breaches. Access the form used in reporting.

What we are doing

Laws and regulations

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