Security assessments 6-month report template: Controlled Goods Program

Use this template to provide details regarding individuals who were security assessed during the previous 6 months by the designated official.

Instructions and requirements

This report includes details regarding individuals who were security assessed by the designated official during the previous 6 months.

Security assessments 6-month report

Complete the security assessments 6-month report template

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Where to submit the report

Security assessments 6-month report
No. Surname Given name Date of birth
Date security
Risk level
(Low, Moderate
or High)
(Yes or no)
Ex. Doe John 1979-08-31 2016-08-31 Low Yes  

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Protection of information

The information provided on this report is collected under the authority of the Defence Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulations. Any personal information provided is protected under the Privacy Act and will be used and disclosed in accordance with the act.

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