Controlled goods: Examining, possessing or transferring

Individuals and organizations need to register in the Controlled Goods Program to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in Canada. Find out how to comply with controlled goods regulations in Canada.


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Services and information

What are controlled goods

Find the list of controlled goods administered by the Controlled Goods Program, how they are regulated and what this means for you.

Register to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods

Find out if and how you need to register in the Controlled Goods Program. Appoint a designated official and get the mandatory training.

Forms, templates and guidelines for controlled goods registration

Find the resources you need to register and comply with the Controlled Goods Program, and to develop a security plan for the safeguarding of controlled goods at your work site.

Find individuals and organizations registered in the Controlled Goods Program

Search our database of individuals and organizations registered to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in Canada.

News and updates about controlled goods

Find the latest news and updates about controlled goods, and optimize your awareness regarding compliance standards. Find upcoming events.

Stakeholder engagement in the Controlled Goods Program

Explore opportunities to engage with the Controlled Goods Program on matters that impact the program.

Controlled Goods Program resources

Tools designed to help you navigate the processes and comply with the requirements of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Controlled Goods Program.

How to meet Controlled Goods Program requirements

Information for registrants in the Controlled Goods Program: how to conduct security assessments of your personnel, prepare for inspections, develop a security plan and report a security breach.

Contact the Controlled Goods Program

Find out how to submit forms and make general enquiries.

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