Introduction: Guide to the schedule to the Defence Production Act

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The Controlled Goods Program is the Government of Canada's domestic industrial security program. It regulates the examination, possession and transfer of controlled goods within Canada. Controlled goods are primarily defence articles that are considered to be of strategic significance or have national security implications to Canada (regardless of country of origin), including goods and technologies contained in the United States Munitions List, part 121 of the United States (U.S.) International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

The Controlled Goods List, provided in the schedule to the Defence Production Act, is Canada's domestic controlled goods list.

Through the program's registration process and inspection practices, the federal government works to mitigate the risk of the proliferation of controlled goods, strengthen Canada's defence trade controls and support Canada's domestic and international security interests.

Any person who conducts business in Canada and examines, possesses or transfers controlled goods must be registered in the program and comply with the Defence Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulations. Individuals are eligible to register in the program provided they consent to a security assessment and are ordinarily residing in Canada as either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Businesses are eligible to register provided they are incorporated or authorized by federal, provincial or territorial law to carry on business in Canada.

Subject to specified conditions, the following individuals are exempt from registration in the program:

Registration in the program also supports the U.S. provision of the Canadian exemptions under the U.S. ITAR for the licence-free transfer of some ITAR defence articles between Canada and the U.S. and among registrants of the program. Additionally, registration in the program meets the requirements of a 2011 U.S. ITAR rule with respect to the intra-company transfers of defence articles and services, as well as technical data, to dual and third-country nationals.

Navigation for the guide to the schedule to the Defence Production Act

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