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Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) issues all contracts for advertising services on behalf of institutions. Contracts are awarded through an open and transparent national competitive process.

Agency of record

The Government of Canada (GC) uses a single Agency of Record (AOR) that provides services including; media buying, ad serving and trafficking, ad verification, reporting and reconciliation services, to support a variety of government initiatives.

The work under the Contract includes services in support of all GC advertising activities within Canada, for a variety of institutions, at the national, regional, rural and community-based levels, targeting all ages and origins, including ethnic and Indigenous communities, in English and French, as well as in other languages, as required.

An AOR enables the government to get better value by leveraging the collective buying power of institutions. Centralizing these services also enables improved oversight, control and reporting of these activities.

The current contract is with EssenceMediacom. It was awarded following a national competitive solicitation process and is valid until July 31, 2027, with the possibility of four (4) additional one (1) year option periods.

Creative and media planning agencies

PSPC has established a roster of agencies on standing offers valued to $1,000,000 + taxes, to provide creative production, media planning and/or campaign strategy services to institutions in support of advertising campaigns and advertising production.

In addition to the standing offers, PSPC also has a list of pre-qualified agencies on supply arrangements to provide strategic, creative, and/or media planning services greater than $1,000,000 + taxes and/or related to specific experience and expertise that is advantageous to an advertising campaign.

Standing offers and supply arrangements

The Standing Offers end in June 2026 and include three additional one-year option periods. The supply arrangements have no defined end-date and will remain open until Canada terminates the arrangements.

Creative and media planning services

The following firms were awarded a standing offer and supply arrangement for full service of creative and media planning:

Creative services

The following firms were awarded a standing offer and supply arrangement only for creative services:

The following firms were awarded a supply arrangement only for creative services:

Request for proposals

For certain campaigns, PSPC also issues Requests for proposals on CanadaBuys website. Typically, these campaigns are complex with multiple themes and components and span multiple years.

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