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Learn about our advertising suppliers, including our agency of record and pre-qualified creative agencies with standing offers.

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Agency of record

Learn about our agency of record that assists with media planning and buying.

Cossette Media Inc. (EP361-191751/001/CZ)
Valid until July 31, 2022 with up to 2 additional 1-year option periods
  • Planning
    • development of media plans and strategies
  • Purchasing
    • negotiation of media rates
    • media buying
    • ad serving and trafficking
    • ad verification
    • campaign reporting

Benefits of a central agency

Use of a single agency of record allows us to leverage our collective buying power. This provides better value for Canadians.

Centralizing these services also allows for better advertising:

  • integration
  • oversight
  • control
  • reporting

Pre-approved creative agencies

We establish a roster of creative agencies with pre-qualified standing offers. These arrangements are the result of open and transparent competitive processes. The processes use the Government Electronic Tendering System.

Discover which agencies are pre-qualified to provide strategic and creative advertising services for our institutions.

Standing offers

A standing offer is an agreement from a supplier to provide goods or services at a pre-arranged price or on a pre-arranged pricing basis.

Contracting process

A standing offer is not a contract. There is no obligation to purchase.

The Government of Canada enters into a contract only if we make a call-up against a standing offer.

Standing offers up to $850,000

Up to $850,000 for advertising strategy and creative production services (not including the media planning or buying)
Period of offer
Valid until June 30, 2020, with up to 3 additional 1-year option periods

Other opportunities for advertising suppliers

Learn how suppliers can find out about other opportunities to provide advertising services.

Requests for proposals

In some instances, we publish requests for proposals on; these opportunities are open for bidding by any interested supplier.

Selling to government

Learn more about how to sell to government.

More information

Contact Government of Canada advertising.

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