Minister's message: 2017 to 2018 Departmental Plan

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Our 2017 to 2018 Departmental Plan provides parliamentarians and Canadians with information on what we do and the results we aim to achieve during the upcoming year. To improve accountability to Canadians, we are introducing a new, simplified report to replace the Report on Plans and Priorities.

The title of the report has been changed to reflect its purpose: to communicate our annual performance goals and the financial and human resources forecast to deliver those results. The report has also been restructured to give clearer, more straightforward information on the actual results we are trying to achieve, while continuing to provide transparency on how tax payers' dollars will be spent. We describe our programs and services for Canadians, our priorities for 2017 to 2018, and how our work will fulfill our departmental mandate commitments and the government's priorities.

As Minister of Public Services and Procurement, I am committed to ensuring that my department delivers high-quality, client-focused services to other federal departments and Canadians.

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) plays an important role in the daily operations of the Government of Canada. Our activities contribute to the government's priorities of growing the economy, creating jobs, supporting innovation and working collaboratively with other government departments, industry and communities.

As the Government's central purchasing agent, PSPC generates meaningful economic and social benefits for Canadian industry and to create good, middle-class jobs for Canadians. We will also have the opportunity, through procurement moderniza­tion, to make government work better and make it easier to work with government. We will achieve these goals by simplifying and streamlining procurement processes and including practices that support our economic policy goals, to help the middle class and those hoping to join it. Our procurement strategies will continue to promote green and social procurement, as well as focus on innovative practices and collaboration with other departments on complex procurements, such as the National Shipbuilding Strategy and the CF-18 fighter aircraft replacement project. 

My Department continues to support innovation and economic growth through the Build in Canada Innovation Program. The program helps Canadian innovators move their products and services to market by being their first customer and by testing their innovations in real-life settings. 

PSPC provides sustainable and innovative workplaces that support the needs of the public service. My department works collaboratively with clients and key partners to modernize government workplaces, maintain and upgrade federal infrastructure and to explore new approaches to common needs. 

PSPC will continue to contribute to Canadian democracy by providing, through its Translation Bureau, high quality and secure translation, interpretation and terminology services. It will also further enhance the content in the Language Portal of Canada related to Indigenous languages.

We are restoring and modernizing the Parliamentary Precinct to meet the needs of a twenty first century parliamentary democracy. This includes completing work in the West Block and the former Government Conference Centre so that they are ready for the fall 2018 session of Parliament. The rehabilitation of the Centre Block, which will begin in 2018, is expected to be the largest heritage rehabilitation project of its kind in Canada.

PSPC will continue to play an important role in supporting social and environmental priorities. The department will work collaboratively with departments and agencies to promote the repurposing of surplus federal lands and buildings for affordable housing in communities as part of our social infrastructure initiative.

In addition, we are maintaining our ongoing efforts to greening government operations and reducing the government's carbon footprint through green purchases and green building management. PSPC also plans to apply timely and efficient disposals of its surplus inventory to reduce its physical, financial and environmental footprint. During the disposal process, the department will continue to consult with Indigenous peoples and communities, as well as other levels of government.  

PSPC will continue to optimize the Phoenix pay system until service standards are met consistently and operations stabilize, and work with departments, unions and stakeholders to address and resolve pay issues in a timely manner. In addition, building on the success of the Government of Canada Pension Modernization Project, PSPC will embrace further innovation with a view to increase program efficiency and effectiveness, and expand self-service options to employees and retirees.

Finally, following extensive consultations and evidence-based analysis and review, we are developing a plan for the future of postal services to ensure Canadians receive postal services at a reasonable price.

I am confident that all of our efforts will reflect the values of Canadians and contribute to a prosperous and sustainable economy and a strong middle class for the next generations.

Honourable Judy M. Foote, PC, MP
Minister of Public Services and Procurement

Judy Foote

Judy M. Foote, PC, MP
Minister of Public Services and Procurement

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