Strategic outcome and program descriptions

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Veterans Affairs

Strategic outcome 1

Financial, physical and mental well being of eligible Veterans.

Program 1.1: Health Care Program and Re-establishment Services

This program is designed to improve or maintain the physical, mental and social wellbeing of eligible Veterans, Reserve Force personnel on a period of Class A service or on a period of 180 days or less of Class B service in the Canadian Armed Forces, civilians, and their survivors and dependants and other individuals, promote independence, and assist in keeping them at home and in their own communities by providing a continuum of care. The program provides funding for rehabilitation services, career transition support, health benefits, home care and long term care. This program is delivered through operating funds, grants and contributions.

Program 1.2: Disability and Death Compensation

This program supports eligible Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members, survivors, spouses/common-law partners, dependants and civilians whose lives have been permanently affected as a result of service to their country. In recognition of the effects of service-related disabilities or death, compensation is provided in the form of: monthly disability pensions; survivor monthly pensions for death of a Veteran; disability awards paid as a lump sum, annual payment or a combination of both; survivor death benefits paid as a lump sum and monthly allowances. The amount of disability benefit awarded is dependent on the severity of the disability and its impact on daily functioning. This program is delivered through grants.

Program 1.3: Financial Support Program

This program provides income support to eligible Veterans, qualified civilians and their survivors. The intent of the support is to ensure that recipients have income which is adequate to meet their basic needs. In recognition of the effects of war time service in the case of War Service Veterans, income support may be paid in the form of a monthly War Veterans Allowance. This program also compensates Canadian Armed Forces Veterans, survivors, and orphans for the economic impact that a military career ending and/or service connected injury, illness or death can have on a Veteran's ability to earn income, advance in a career or save for retirement. Compensation is provided in the form of monthly income replacement or support payments. A lump sum supplementary retirement benefit is available to those who are totally and permanently incapacitated. There is also a monthly allowance available for those determined to be totally and permanently incapacitated as a result of a service related condition. This program is delivered through grants.

Strategic outcome 2

Veterans' rights to services and benefits that address their needs are considered by the Veterans Affairs Portfolio.

Program 2.1: Veterans Ombudsman

This program provides an independent and impartial opportunity to review complaints submitted by Veterans and other individuals (war service Veterans, Veterans and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces [Regular and Reserve], members and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, spouses, common-law partners, survivors and primary caregivers, other eligible dependants and family members, other eligible individuals and representatives of the afore-mentioned groups). It promotes fair and equitable treatment in accessing the services, benefits and programs from Veterans Affairs Canada. This is accomplished by: providing them with information and referrals to facilitate their access to programs and services; reviewing and addressing complaints arising from the Veterans Bill of Rights and decisions on benefits and services for which there is no right to appeal to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board; reviewing systemic issues related to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board; and identifying and reviewing emerging and systemic issues related to the provisions of the Department's programs and services and providing information and recommendations to the Minister in relation to those issues. This program is delivered through operating funds.

Strategic outcome 3

Canadians remember and demonstrate their recognition of all those who served in Canada's efforts during war, military conflict and peace.

Program 3.1: Canada Remembers Program

Canadian Veterans and those who died in service have made valuable contributions to the development of Canada. Under the authority of P.C. Order 1965–688 this program ensures that Veterans and those who died in service are honoured and the memory of their sacrifices and achievements are preserved. Canada Remembers activities promote the following outcomes: Canadians are knowledgeable about the efforts of Veterans and those who died in service to Canada; Canadian military milestones and the Veterans who participated in them are publicly recognized; communities and other groups lead remembrance activities; symbols erected to honour Veterans and those who served are maintained in perpetuity on behalf of Canadians; and, financial assistance is provided to the estates of eligible Veterans for a dignified funeral and burial. Encouraging pride in shared military history, celebrating the contributions and acknowledging the sacrifices of those who served, and preserving symbols to mark their courage all contribute to the Government of Canada's outcome of a vibrant Canadian culture and heritage. This program is delivered through Operating and Maintenance funds, as well as Grants and Contributions.

Strategic outcome 4

The following program supports all strategic outcomes within this organization.

Program 4.1: Internal Services

The Internal Services program supports all strategic outcomes and is common across government. Internal services are groups of related activities and resources that are administered to support the needs of programs and other corporate obligations of an organization. These groups are: Management and oversight services; Communications services; Legal services; Human resources management services; Financial management services; Information management services; Information technology services; Real property services; Material services; Acquisition services; and Travel and other administrative services. Internal services include only those activities and resources that apply across an organization and not to those provided specifically to a program.

Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Strategic outcome 1

An independent and fair appeal process for disability pension, award and allowance decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada.

Program 1.1: Review and Appeal

The Veterans Review and Appeal Board's program delivers the independent review and appeal process for disability pension and disability award decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada. It provides two levels of appeal for Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members, Royal Canadian Mounted Police applicants, and their families who are dissatisfied with their disability pension and disability award decisions. The Board conducts hearings and issues written decisions. The Board's other key functions include hearing reviews and appeals of special award decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada relating to attendance allowances, exceptional incapacity allowances and clothing allowances; hearing the final level of appeal for War Veterans Allowance decisions; and adjudicating compassionate award applications.

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