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Table summary

The table presents the revenues. The table consists of 3 columns: description; current year; previous year. For each department or agency are the sub-totals by classification of revenues, and, at the end of the table, the total revenues for the ministry.

Description Current year
Previous year
Office of Infrastructure of Canada
Other revenues—
Refunds of previous years' expenditures—
Refunds of salaries, goods and services—
Basic salaries and wages for indeterminate civilian personnel—Regular time—Continuing employment 2,016
Refunds of goods and services 26,035 10,941
Transfers to other levels of government—
Other transfer payments 422,482 869,325
Other transfer to non-profit organizations 4,338
Adjustments to prior year's payables—
Operating expenses 15,431
Salary and wages 187,948
Transfer to other levels of government 6,428,527 50,542,669
Other transfers to non-profit organizations 0 539,432
The Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc.—
Operating expenses 228,589 5,797,635
Total 7,315,366 57,760,002
Miscellaneous revenues—
Revenue from Access to Information fees and charges 590 310
Revenues for the New Bridge for the St.Lawrence corridor project 534,186 8,733
Rights and privileges 377,162
Total 911,938 9,043
Total Ministry 8,227,304 57,769,045

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