Transfer payments

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Table summary

The table presents the transfer payments. The table consists of 3 columns: description; source of authorities; disposition of authorities. Under source of authorities there are 4 columns: available from previous years; main estimates; supplementary estimates; adjustments, warrants and transfers; total available for use. Under disposition of authorities there are 4 columns: used in the current year; variance; available for use in subsequent years; used in the previous year. For each department or agency, sub-total for grants, contributions and other transfer payments are displayed. At the end of the table are the totals for the ministry.

Description Source of authorities Disposition of authorities
Available from previous years
Main Estimates
Supplementary Estimates
Adjustments, warrants and transfers
Total available for use
Used in the current year
Available for use in subsequent years
Used in the previous year
Other transfer payments
Link to footnote S Children's Special Allowance payments 237,000,000 72,173,282 309,173,282 309,173,282 214,761,199
Link to footnote S Disbursements to provinces under the Softwood Lumber Products Export Charge Act 121,481,095 121,481,095 121,481,095 (negative 15,118,882)
Items not required for the current year 250
Total Ministry 237,000,000 193,654,377 430,654,377 430,654,377 199,642,567

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