Consolidated statement of revenues and expenses

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Table 1 presents revenues and expenses for fiscal year 2015–2016. In addition, detailed information is provided in Section 3 of Volume 1 of the Public Accounts of Canada.

Table summary

The table presents consolidated statement of revenues and expenses. The table consists of 2 columns: description; current year. The table displays the categories of revenues and expenses with sub-totals for revenues and expenses and annual deficit for the fiscal year.

Table 1
Consolidated statement of revenues and expenses
(in thousands of dollars)

Tax revenues—
Income tax revenues—
Personal 144,897,139
Corporate 41,443,831
Non-resident 6,505,060
Total 192,846,030
Other taxes and duties—
Goods and services tax 32,951,564
Energy taxes—
Excise tax—Gasoline 4,349,880
Excise tax—Aviation gasoline and diesel fuel 1,214,932
Subtotal 5,564,812
Customs import duties 5,371,603
Other excise taxes and duties—
Excise duties 4,844,074
Air travellers security charges 721,224
Miscellaneous excise taxes and duties 351,393
Subtotal 5,916,691
Total 49,804,670
Total tax revenues 242,650,700
Employment insurance premiums 23,070,028
Other revenues—
Crown corporations—
Consolidated Crown corporations 4,543,746
Enterprise Crown corporations and other government business enterprises—
Share of annual profit 7,315,684
Interest and other 601,038
Total 12,460,468
Other programs—
Return on investments 1,081,274
Sales of goods and services 9,004,453
Miscellaneous revenues 4,863,884
Total 14,949,611
Net foreign exchange—
Exchange Fund Account 2,186,475
International Monetary Fund 132,922
Other 2,496
Total 2,321,893
Total other revenues 29,731,972
Total revenues 295,452,700
Transfer payments—
Old age security benefits, guaranteed income supplement and spouse's allowance 45,460,861
Major transfer payments to other levels of government—
Canada health transfer 34,024,618
Canada social transfer 12,959,181
Fiscal arrangements 21,344,731
Quebec abatement (negative 4,451,366)
Other major transfers 1,973,270
Subtotal 65,850,434
Employment insurance benefits 19,418,626
Children's benefits 18,025,400
Other transfer payments 34,873,904
Total transfer payments 183,629,225
Other program expenses—
Crown corporations 8,357,564
Agriculture and Agri-Food 739,239
Environment and Climate Change 1,506,578
Families, Children and Social Development 2,881,795
Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard 1,544,104
Global Affairs 1,857,418
Health 3,339,867
Indigenous and Northern Affairs 1,407,596
Innovation, Science and Economic Development 2,351,173
Justice 1,274,840
National Defence 28,518,638
National Revenue 7,988,816
Natural Resources 943,675
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness 10,375,060
Public Services and Procurement 4,180,939
Treasury Board 4,214,017
Other ministries 5,733,971
Total other program expenses 87,215,290
Total program expenses 270,844,515
Public debt charges 25,595,031
Total expenses 296,439,546
Annual deficit (negative 986,846)

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