Travel expenditures of ministers and parliamentary secretaries

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This statement provides details of the travel expenditures of ministers and parliamentary secretaries incurred in the current year, where the travel is required for departmental operational or program purposes, whether domestic or international, whether charge to the ministers' office budget or any other fund centre within the minister's department or agency.

For the purpose of this statement, travel expenditures include transportation, accommodation, meals and other expenditures. The following items are excluded from this statement:

Table summary

The table presents details of the travel expenses of ministers and parliamentary secretaries incurred in the current year and consists of three columns. The first column presents ministers and parliamentary secretaries by department and agency. The following columns present the vote number and amount spent for each minister and parliamentary secretary.

Travel expenditures of ministers and parliamentary secretaries
(in dollars)

Department and agency Vote Amount
Agriculture and Agri-food
Ministers of Agriculture and Agri-Food
Hon L MacAulay 1 17,973
Hon G Ritz 1 20,468
Parliamentary secretary
G Keddy 1 2,225
Canadian Heritage
Minister of Canadian Heritage
Hon M Joly 1 14,973
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
Hon S Glover 1 8,010
Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities
Hon C Qualtrough 1 12,446
Ministers of Status of Women
Hon P Hajdu 1 28,083
Hon K K Leitch 1 23,178
Minister of State (Sport)
Hon B Gosal 1 8,766
Environment and Climate Change
Minister of Environment and Climate Change
Hon C McKenna 1 35,369
Parliamentary secretary
J Wilkinson 1 2,289
Minister of the Environment
Hon L Aglukkaq 1 25,719
Parliamentary secretary
C Carrie 1 13,976
Families, Children and Social Development
Minister of Families, Children and Social Development
Hon J-Y Duclos 1 3,858
Minister of Employment and Social Development
Hon P Poilievre 1 30,732
Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour
Hon M Mihychuk 1 9,964
Minister of Labour
Hon K K Leitch 1 7,903
Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities
Hon C Qualtrough 1 5,552
Minister of State (Seniors)
Hon A Wong 1 11,800
Minister of State (Social Development)
Hon C Bergen 1 10,166
Ministers of Finance
Hon B Morneau 1 49,689
Hon J Oliver 1 33,481
Parliamentary secretary
F-P Champagne 1 14,287
Ministers of State (Finance)
Hon K Sorenson 1 10,349
Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
Hon H Tootoo 1 14,826
Parliamentary secretary
S Cormier 1 8,788
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
Hon G Shea 1 4,591
Global Affairs
Ministers of Foreign Affairs
Hon S Dion 1 33,950
Hon R Nicholson 1 19,462
Parliamentary Secretaries
Hon D Obhrai 1 10,504
P Goldsmith-Jones 1 8,820
Ministers of International Development and La Francophonie
Hon M-C Bibeau 1 35,896
Hon C Paradis 1 12,205
Parliamentary Secretaries
K Gould 1 1,566
L Brown 1 1,333
Ministers of International Trade
Hon C Freeland 1 21,082
Hon E Fast 1 30,796
Parliamentary secretary
D Lametti 1 7,936
Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular)
Hon L Yelich 1 11,206
Parliamentary secretary
D Anderson 1 2,212
Ministers of Health
Hon J Philpott 1 16,134
Hon R Ambrose 1 10,905
Parliamentary Secretaries
C McLeod 1 3,104
K Khera 1 1,389
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Hon J McCallum 1 18,376
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
Hon C Alexander 1 7,868
Parliamentary secretary
C Menegakis 1 1,821
Minister of State (Multiculturalism)
Hon T Uppal 1 3,170
Indigenous and Northern Affairs
Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs
Hon C Bennett 1 73,400
Parliamentary secretary
Y Jones 1 3,113
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Hon B Valcourt 1 42,854
Parliamentary secretary
M Strahl 1 7,086
Infrastructure and Communities
Minister of Infrastructure and Communities
Hon A Sohi 1 13,504
Parliamentary Secretary
P Rodriguez 1 1,034
Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs
Hon D Lebel 1 9,985
Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Hon N Bains 1 6,540
Parliamentary secretary
G Fergus 1 906
Minister of Industry
Hon J Moore 1 12,739
Parliamentary secretary
Hon M Lake 1 5,678
Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
Hon L Aglukkaq 1 6,333
Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec
Hon D Lebel 1 8,196
Minister for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario
Hon G Rickford 1 6,075
Minister of Science
Hon K Duncan 1 21,414
Minister of Small Business and Tourism
Hon B Chagger 1 7,088
Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)
Hon R Moore 1 19,709
Minister of State (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario)
Hon G Goodyear 1 6,471
Minister of State (Science and Technology)
Hon E Holder 1 9,762
Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism)
Hon M Bernier 1 7,412
Ministers of State (Western Economic Diversification)
Hon M Rempel 1 25,954
Ministers of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Hon J Wilson-Raybould 1 53,214
Hon P G MacKay 1 21,419
National Defence
Ministers of National Defence
Hon H S Sajjan 1 12,525
Hon J Kenney 1 27,820
Parliamentary secretary
J Bezan 1 143
Associate Ministers of National Defence
Hon K Hehr 1 1,045
Hon J Fantino 1 9,429
National Revenue
Ministers of National Revenue
Hon D Lebouthillier 1 2,643
Hon K-L D Findlay 1 8,462
Natural Resources
Ministers of Natural Resources
Hon J Carr 1 31,188
Hon G Rickford 1 35,631
Parliamentary secretary
K Rudd 1 10,900
Privy Council
Prime Ministers
Right Hon J Trudeau 1 6,699
Right Hon S Harper 1 3,255
Leader of the Government in the House of Commons
Hon P Van Loan 1 6,078
Minister of Democratic Institutions
Hon M Monsef 1 2,362
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Ministers of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Hon R Goodale 1 37,695
Hon S Blaney 1 9,449
Parliamentary secretary
M Picard 1 2,963
Public Services and Procurement
Minister of Public Services and Procurement
Hon J Foote 1 9,164
Parliamentary secretary
L Alleslev 1 2,243
Minister of Public Works and Government Services
Hon D Finley 1 15,052
Parliamentary secretary
C Warkentin 1 9
Ministers of Transport
Hon M Garneau 1 9,522
Hon L Raitt 1 22,983
Parliamentary secretary
K Young 1 518
Treasury Board
Presidents of the Treasury Board
Hon S Brison 1 14,204
Hon T Clement 1 8,542
Veterans Affairs
Ministers of Veterans Affairs
Hon K Hehr 1 19,860
Hon E O'Toole 1 18,735
Parliamentary secretary
P Lemieux 1 2,576

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