Ex gratia payments

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This statement provides, by ministry and by department and agencies, details for all ex gratia payments of $100 or over. Payments of less than $100 are reported as one amount at the end of each department and agency, together with the total number of such payments. For the purposes of this statement, an ex gratia payment is a discretionary payment, made as an act of benevolence in the public interest, free of any legal obligation, whether or not any value or service has been received. Where the situation warrants non-disclosure, the recipient's name may be withheld from publication.

Table summary

The table presents, by ministry, Ex gratia payments and consists of two columns. The first column presents particulars and payee of discretionary payments made by departments and agencies by ministry. Where the situation warrants non-disclosure, the recipient's name is withheld and identified as such in the table. Payments of less than $100 are reported as one amount at the end of each ministry together with the number of such payments. The second column presents the amount of the discretionary payment. There is a subtotal row for each department and agency and a total for each ministry. There is a total at the end of the table.

Ex gratia payments
(in dollars)

Description and payee Amount
Canadian Heritage
Canadian Heritage
P.C. 2015–0831, June 17, 2015, His Excellency the Governor General in Council, authorized a one-time payment in honour of the birth of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
Canadian Public Health Association for
Immunize Canada 100,000
Families, Children and Social Development
Employment and Social Development
Payment for ambulance services
Services Préhospitaliers Laurentides-Lanaudière
Mainville N 144
Payments under $100 (2) 110
Total 254
Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
Fisheries and Oceans
Reimbursement for retrieval of buoy
Brinson I 200
Hoffe D 100
White S 100
Reimbursement of travel costs
Bouzane A 7,843
Total 8,243
Global Affairs
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
Annemarie Desloges Scholarship
University of Ottawa 150,000
Contribution to funeral costs
Duevi S 323
Total 150,323
Compensations to victims of Thalidomide
Names withheld (9) 1,125,000
Extraordinary Assistance Plan
Name withheld 120,000
Subtotal 1,245,000
Public Health Agency of Canada
Reimbursement of costs incurred and compensation for lost wages
Name withheld 10,184
Total 1,255,184
Innovation, Science and Economic Development
National Research Council of Canada
Compensation for damages to firefighting gear and equipment
Municipality of Mississippi Mills 6,082
Compensation for lost a parcel to a contractor
Boshek M 495
Subtotal 6,577
Statistics Canada
Compensation for an employment dispute
Name withheld 64,794
Total 71,371
National Defence
National Defence
Compensation for damage to personal property
Josey B 1,023
Compensation for grievance related to release
Name withheld 25,000
Compensation for personal injuries
Thomson R 40,591
Compensation for travel costs
Names withheld (4) payments from $163 to $1,434 3,413
Compensation for travel costs for integration of the Families of the Fallen Program into the Valour Building Plaque Unveiling
Names withheld (20) payments from $87 to $9,598 35,554
Total 105,581
National Revenue
Canada Revenue Agency
Relief payments for heating expenses
Amerongen JV 125
Natural Resources
National Energy Board
Reimbursement of legal expenses
Keith C 5,569
Privy Council
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Compensation for damage to an automobile
Léger M 569
Compensation for damage to personal effects
Bourque C 125
Loss of income—election worker
Name withheld 1,160
Payment for ambulance services
Alberta Health Services 385
Total 2,239
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Compensation for financial loss
Name withheld 22,330
Canada Border Services Agency
Compensation for damage to personal property
Audet E 175
Gauthier JG 350
Payments under $100 (3) 175
Subtotal 700
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Compensation for damage to personal property
Andrew D 1,300
Champagne and Aishihik First Nations for
Rufiange-Holway T 1,935
Joseph A 1,178
Compensation for displacement
Pompeo D 1,109
Reimbursement of mileage expenses
Buliziuk D 874
Payment under $100 (1) 35
Subtotal 6,431
Total 29,461
Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs
Critical Injury Benefit adjustment
Name withheld 70,000
Reimbursement of travel costs due to an administrative error
Mercer L 1,279
Special Benefit payment to Merchant Navy Veterans
Name withheld 10,000
Total 81,279
Total 1,809,629

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