Return on investments

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This statement provides details for the current year of the category of other revenues called return on investments. Return on investments consists mainly of interest from loans and advances, dividends from investments, and transfer of profits, as recorded by departments before any adjustments are made. For the purposes of presentation in the financial statements, amounts shown here for foreign exchange accounts and enterprise Crown corporations have been respectively reclassified to net foreign exchange revenues and Crown corporation revenues in Sections 2 and 3 of Volume I and Table 4a of Volume II.

Return on investments
(in dollars)

Description   Amount realized in 2016–2017Link to footnote 1
Cash and accounts receivable
Department of Employment and Social Development
Interest on bank deposits 288,446
Department of Finance
Interest on bank deposits 230,741,129
Total cash and accounts receivable 231,029,575
Foreign exchange accounts
Department of Finance
International Monetary Fund – Transfer of profits
Loans 1,773,982
Subscriptions 1,870,962
International reserves held in the Exchange Fund Account
Transfer of profits 1,996,258,917
Total foreign exchange accounts 1,999,903,861
Loans, investments and advances
Crown corporations and other government business enterprises
Bank of Canada
Transfer of profits 1,111,158,055
Business Development Bank of Canada
Dividends 68,648,726
Interest 81,741,478
Subtotal 150,390,204
Canada Development Investment Corporation
Dividends 51,000,000
Canada Lands Company Limited
Dividends 6,500,000
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Interest 511,017,958
Canadian Dairy Commission
Interest 358,076
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
Export Development Canada – Dividends 786,000,000
Farm Credit Canada
Dividends 268,300,000
Interest 140,881,471
Subtotal 409,181,471
Royal Canadian Mint
Dividends 29,000,000
Other government business enterprises
Other than interest
Belledune Port Authority 170,375
Halifax Port Authority 1,849,267
Hamilton Port Authority 1,181,977
Montréal Port Authority 4,151,709
Nanaimo Port Authority 179,447
Oshawa Port Authority 33,403
Port Alberni Port Authority 103,964
Prince Rupert Port Authority 3,328,733
Québec Port Authority 1,271,999
Saguenay Port Authority 54,736
Saint John Port Authority 554,050
Sept-Îles Port Authority 182,780
St. John's Port Authority 150,636
Thunder Bay Port Authority 74,985
Toronto Port Authority 2,883,961
Trois-Rivières Port Authority 142,551
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority 6,711,104
Windsor Port Authority 32,726
Subtotal 23,058,403
Total Crown corporations and other government business enterprises 3,077,664,167
National governments including developing countries
Department of Finance
International Development Assistance
National Governments - Ukraine 6,860,000
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
International Development Assistance
Loans to developing countries 4,291,209
Services and commitment charges on loans to developing countries 1,263
Total national governments including developing countries 11,152,472
International organizations
International Finance Corporation
Canada Climate Change Program 2,290,841
Global Agricultural and Food Security Program 894,297
International Monetary Fund
Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust 639,514
Total International organizations 3,824,652
Other loans, investments and advances
Loans, investments and advances
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Dividends on investments 9,748
Defence Construction (1951) Limited
Dividends 8,500,000
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
Personnel posted abroad 163,966
Subtotal 8,673,714
Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food
Hog Industry Loan Loss Reserve Program 647,395
Department of Citizenship and Immigration
Interest on assistance and transportation loans 280,176
Department of Employment and Social Development
Interest on Canada apprentice loans 337,720
Interest on Canada student loans 662,022,270
Department of Finance
Federal-provincial fiscal arrangements 58,944
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada 24,453
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Council for Yukon First Nations – Elders 63,288
First Nations in British Columbia 833,439
Indian Economic Development Guaranteed Loans Program 18,664
Indian housing assistance fund – On-Reserve Housing – Interest on guaranteed loans 3,804,444
Native claimants 1,220,297
Stoney Band perpetual loan 11,689
Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans' Land Act Fund – Advances 76
Export Development Canada (Canada Account)
Development of export trade 73,427,361
Subtotal 742,750,216
Total other loans, investments and advances 751,423,930
Total loans, investments and advances 3,844,065,221
Other accounts
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
Interest on mission bank accounts 52,567
Department of National Defence
Interest earned from funds on deposit with suppliers/banks 141,557
Interest on loans to employees posted abroad 155,713
Security deposit (outside Canada posting) 2,548
Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Loans and advances to persons posted abroad 4,105
Total other accounts 356,490
Total return on investments 6,075,355,147
Dividends 1,217,958,474
Interest 1,723,275,091
Transfer of profits 3,111,061,916
Other 23,059,666
Total 6,075,355,147

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